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    Councillor X

    England won their first footy trophy in 56 years and the media are saying they are the best england team ever and even better than the 1966 men’s squad.

    The Guardian “England have banished 56 years of hurt and brought football home in the most fantastic way at Wembley.”

    We remember standing on the terraces watching men chasing rain soaked heavy leather balls but Fat Daz says he has better memories with the women now.

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.


    Maureen Gray

    I don’t think you can compare England’66 to England’22 or any men’s team. The England ’22 lioness have stood up to everything that has been thrown at then in the Euro finals and triumphed against the previously ‘best in the world’ side. To me this has not been the best woman’s team performance, but the most enjoyable football tournament performance for years and some really excellent football.



    Four months to SPOTY ( Sports Personality Of The Year) and I reckon we can close the betting on “ Team of the Year!”

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