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    Before the council spends money on new cycle ways, the money would be better spent on a full review and action on all gullies in the city. Sludge gulpers only work on soft blockages , many of the drains in the city need digging out, they are full to the brim with solid soil and plants. Every fully functioning drain helps alleviate the flooding.



    Well they cleaned up the drains in New Broughton a couple of weeks ago and that didn’t help.



    The problem is that the sludge gulper only sucks out mainly the debris in a vertical position – the sideway pipes need to be high pressure blasted until there is free flowing water – in some places it could be about an hour per manhole not the 15min that seems to occur – I wonder if the workers are not allocated enough time per drain to do a proper job.


    Councillor X

    just wait until they add all these new houses and see how the old sewers and water pipes cope.

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