Environmental Licensing Committee to decide on a single colour policy for taxis

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    Wrexham Environmental Licensing Committee are set to consult with local Hackney Carriage proprietors with a view to establish a single colour policy for its Hackney Carriage Taxis, so as to distinguish the difference between taxis that can be hired immediately in the street as opposed to private hire vehicles, mostly saloon cars, that have to be pre-booked through an operator. I thought it would be a good idea to get the views of forum users as to what colour they think would be appropriate for our town. Do we choose red to support our town team or because Wrexham is a traditional Labour Party constituency? Maybe blue because the typical taxi in London was that colour in the 1930’s or black because that colour became popular later in London? Southampton choose white, Bristol choose blue through tradition and Derby choose yellow, which is the most visual colour and the most unlikely to be involved in an accident due to that fact. Personally my main concern is the protection of the public, especially the young and vulnerable. I want us to be able to say to our wives, our children and our grandchildren, if you are out and about and you need to get home safely just look for a local taxi of a certain colour and you will be delivered home safely. That said I don’t want to take anything away from the service provided by local Private Hire Operators who offer a safe service provided that the vehicle is pre-booked through their respective office. I hope to be involved with the final decision that the afore mentioned committee make, but it would be nice for me to be able to go to that committee meeting with the knowledge that I could put forward the views of people that have similar interests as myself.



    Damn. This going to keep me up all night now.


    R T

    What is the standard elsewhere as it wouldnt just be locals having to identify them – so is there a standard?

    Also, what is the issue that has been identified that would be solved with this and is there any data on it?



    Is this legal? Do Wrexham Council have the powers to insist on a colour?



    Not sure what the point of this is TBH? (unless it’s part of some uniform scheme which may aid a future bid for city status?). Suppose they could always do this on a budget by taking a leaf out of VW’s book and get Hackney owners to simply trade a few panels!




    Just out of interest how many Hackney Carriages operate in the Wrexham area?
    I can only think of the blue one in town operated by JOK.



    What about getting a Hackney Licence and badge from Rossendale Council and then working Private Hire in Wrexham? Wrexham Council can’t stop any driver doing so.



    Surely still the safest way is to phone for a taxi from a reputable local company. How much trade is there in Wrexham for a “for Hire ” taxi?



    Perhaps it could be blue for a boy and pink for a girl, or brown for ATax!



    Its not April 1st is it. If I was a disreputable unlicensed taxi, I would use a car the same colour as the official ones. Not really been thought through.

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