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    Time everyone talked in actual unit prices , that way people can actually calculate what they will have to pay. At present it looks like from October a unit of electricity will be in the region of 70p and gas 18p. In addition to this there is the daily charge both for gas and electric in the region of another £300 per year and 5% vat on the total.
    To confuse things further the price for electricity is different for each area, the old Manweb (our area) being one of the highest.Unless it is changed. Those on pre paid meters are in the worst position, higher priced tariffs, paid for in advance.

    Businesses, Local Authorities and the NHS are in an even worse position as their vat rate is 20%.


    AMA Express

    Won’t most businesses will be claiming back the VAT ?



    Many businesses charged business rate fuel with vat added are unable to claim the vat back and that’s a fact. Being registered for vat isn’t just a matter of reaching the threshold, there are other factors that come into play.

    Lady K



    So Ms Atherton and Mr Baynes our wonderful representatives in Westminster believe the energy crisis is to do with Putin and the war in Ukraine. It is very easy for them to totally ignore the lack of investment in our energy supplies over many years that transition both Conservative and Labour Governments. The crisis has been on the cards for years even before the Putin invasion.

    Massive investment needed now to generate renewable energy, wind, sea even nuclear.

    Also a point for those people who are looking for Wales to go independent – can you explain where all your energy will come from as we don’t have sufficient generating capacity to meet our needs.

    Why haven’t the Government gone back to Westminster to deal with this national crisis – the Conservative Party should hang their heads in shame that they have spent so long on the beauty parades to elect a leader and new Prime Minister. They have put Party Politics well and truly above the needs of the Country.



    No matter how much investment is put into something, it doesn’t follow that it will be instant and it comes at a cost. Everything is so much easier with hindsight. The present energy crisis is down to the war in Ukraine.

    What is odd, is all those people complaining that they can’t afford to heat their homes during the summer months.



    Zinger is right. Never forget, he has exclusive access to the most trusted and reliable news source – the Daily Mail.

    So the present crisis has nothing at all to do with Thatcher’s privatisation programme, or anything like that.



    Whilst I agree the Ukraine war is having an impact the problem has been lack of investment for manyn year. When we had the good old days of oil and gas from the North Sea the country should have anticipated that it would be time limited, and alternatives were needed.

    For hundreds of years countries around the world have fought for natural resources – whether it was water being diverted from one country or area to another it all impacted- and more recently oil has been fought over in the middle east.

    As global warming is taking place there are extremes of weather with resources in abundance in some areas and shortage elsewhere. We only need to see the massive flooding occurring in Pakistan whilst not that far away in China they are having a drought which is greater than for 100’s years. We transport oil and gas by pipe – why not pipe water across country boundaries.

    These are global issues that require global solutions with all countries working to there as we are all interdependents on all parts of the world.



    Nice idea JaneJ if it were not for greed.
    Unfortunately there are those countries who aren’t willing to share their resources unless at a cost in terms of both human or monetary.

    I believe that we need to become as self sufficient as possible so that we cannot be held to ransom in the future.

    As for TimRegency, it is years since I bought a newspaper because there is no such thing these days as decent objective journalism. My views are based on experience rather than listening to those who make the loudest noise. It would do you well to remember that there are two sides to every argument & the truth is usually somewhere in between.



    That doesn’t help, as it falls under the ‘fallacy of the middle ground.’

    But it’s a fair point about self-sufficiency. I wonder if anybody can tell us what happened to our considerable gas storage capacity, namely Centrica’s Rough storage facility, in the North Sea?



    Some have seen this issue coming, Hydrogen is going to produce Hydrogen from renewables & to eventually replace domestic gas with Hydrogen, but unfortunately we in the North west & north wales will need a new boiler but much cheaper than an air source heat pump. Hydrogen Boilers should be available from early next year but again will take time to roll this out.

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