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    Happy New Year to you lovely Wrecsam/ Wrexham people.

    Another well written article here on “You said we did” but the Council ask us questions (i did the survey) but they don’t listen, instead they say why they don’t do what we say or say something that doesn’t fit.

    You said: “Disagree with Council Tax increase”
    We did: “The Council recognizes the impact that council tax rises have on local people and needs to balance this with the potential impacts on services provided to those people if increases are not made.” (are we American with recognizes?)

    You said:“Agree with approach to setting the budget”
    We did:“The Council has a well-established process for budget setting.”

    What is the point of responding to a survey if the Council are just going to sweep the problem under the corporate carpet?

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    The Council failed to get many participants in this consultation , maybe should up their game and look for a different way of engaging with ratepayers.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Council tax will continue to rise to make up for the decrease in funding from central government. The Welsh and UK Governments could choose to tax individual and company wealth more, but it is easier for them to tax property (and let councils take the blame) because property doesn’t move off-shore (unless it is owned by someone already off-shore or is claiming to be a holiday home and therefore claims small business tax relief).



    Council tax will continue to rise to make up for the decrease in funding from central government.

    Yes, the Conservatives’ austerity cuts remain in place. It will fund the £37 Billion they threw at Dido Harding.



    Tim, I had to Google who “Dido” was but mis-spelt it. Hoping Mrs doesn’t check my internet usage.

    It led me to Dr Jenny Harries
    – Ridiculed mask-wearing, only to U-turn
    – Argued against testing, now runs Test and Trace
    – Dismissed PPE shortages

    Its a good job we have an honest and decent PM at the helm.

    Back to the topic, as wrexview said, the Council failed to get many participants in this consultation. I wonder how many of those completed it numerous times too, so reducing the actual number of respondents?

    Politics at all levels is corrupt.

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