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    Having known of Rob since the days of the recently displayed school photo of 1991 and more recently as a fellow councillor and school governor I am more disappointed than shocked at his defection.
    He has obviously gone the route of the UK government in that to thrive – sorry “ to help the good people who elected me” you have to be in with the majority group!He failed to give in his statement ,how being a councillor under party colours has prevented him tackling such constituency problems a councillor has to deal with ! The Senedd elections have shown that by having a distinct party manifesto, and steadily delivering on it you can be “ the majority group “ despite Robs rejection of political colours .
    Perhaps he can answer the question I posed to the leader of Clwyd’s independent group, as a “ rookie councillor “ back in 1993!
    “ Independent- – group “ – how does that work ? Experience over the years since is that I can count on one hand the number of truly independent councillors I have known ( and at least one of those had party colours.)

    As the defection arises juxtaposed between the 7th or 8th No Show for his ( ex ) party ( and he was a national candidate in one of them ) and the forthcoming Annual Council I am afraid cynicism replaces the disappointment! I am afraid that 50% of the Lib-Dem group has spotted an approaching iceberg, and has decided to move his deck chair!

    Can I ,at the point , pay tribute to Councillor Alun Jenkins , who has valiantly held the “ Phoenix flag “ aloft in Wrexham politics, for over half a century. He now sees it snatched from his grasp for reasons beyond his control and is consigned to Non-Aligned , for what may be his swan song in local government!



    You can’t get on to the Executive Board from the Lib-Dem group. Just saying.



    Andrew Bailey you seem to suggest that Rob’s defection has nothing to do with party policies and just a means to better himself by joining the majority group.

    Party policies and directions change. You will remember back in 2014, 10 councillors defected from the labour group in Wrexham, nothing to do with bettering themselves as Labour was the majority group at the time.

    The only people Rob needs to justify his reasons to is the good residents of Llay. I have no doubt with his track record of working tirelessly for his village, he will once again be elected with a large majority of votes.




    You suggest that party policy and direction change and I wonder what glaring change of Lib-Dem policy has changed so drastically that a previous national candidate is so disgusted with that he quits?
    Please enlighten me !
    If by suggesting the defection , coming as it did post the Senedd election and pre ( the position deciding ) Annual Council is my cynicism we shall just have to wait and see how the change helps “ the good people who voted for me !” , rather than the individual councillor!
    As to the 2014 defection , whilst none of the defectors have truly explained the core reason(S) they defected I am confident it had nothing to do with the policies of the wider party .In my opinion it would appear that it was more a reaction to a lost debate and a democrat vote about local matters . As to not benefiting from that decision I will leave it to others as to whether there was a “ miscalculation at the time !
    I do know that the result of that – desertion of the party that worked for their election-is the present Tory/Independent council.
    I would suggest that such councils are called NO OVERALL CONTROL for a good reason!



    Andrew, i was unsure about which side you were talking from and googled you. I found this from when you were trolling the Lib Dems. Made me laugh.

    Opinion: Why Wrexham Labour Party should be ashamed: The curious case of Aled Roberts

    andrew bailey 14th Jul ’11 – 5:36pm
    Dear Mr Hennigan,

    Ted can speak for himself and it is plain that he was speaking on behalf of the Labour Group-your accusation is that the CLP-(constituency Party) should be ashamed as they refused to support Aled-we made no comment as we were not approached and frankly a spat between two prospective Lib-Dem AMs -Aled & Eleanor would not rate on our radar

    Can I presume that prospective AM’s have to complete a CV -length of public service-community work and bodies they are on and then there is some sort of interview process? In all of that NO-ONE in the party alerted Aled to the potential problem !! As an unpaid volunteer looking at forms for prospective councillors I am able to advise if there are any potential clashes of interest or refer them to the wider party. To quote the meerkat -SIMPLE!!

    Dave Hennigan 16th Jul ’11 – 2:46pm
    It’s ‘SIMPLES’ Andrew, you can’t even get that right!

    andrew bailey 17th Jul ’11 – 10:43pm
    Fussing about an “s” but not checking whether 4 of your members actually qualify for the body they want to stand for-sums up an incompetent party and no wonder we are recruiting from dissillusioned Lob-Dems.
    Thought it was too much to expect an apology for a factual error so am signing off.

    Seems you have beef with the Lob-Dems, Tories and Independents.

    Just to chuck my pebble into the muddy waters, in an unlikely example of a Labour Councilor changing to be a Tory, my thoughts would be

    – for Local Elections i would be voting for the PERSON not the party as long as they weren/t Tory
    – if they defected to independent, fine but if they went blue, i would be p*ssed off

    My guess is a lot of people are like that and people of Llay aren’t bothered about Rob changing to an Independent. Just as long as he carries on working FOR the people.

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    Andrew, I have no idea of Lib Dem party policies as I do not follow them.
    I can’t understand why you would come on here to publicly slate a hard working Councillor who doesn’t even represent you.
    Parties change, people change & I (along with the majority of people) will vote for the person who I feel would work tirelessly for my village regardless of which party they belong to.
    I think WreX-iT had hit the nail on the head.

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