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    Everyone knows there were many deaths from covid in care homes across England , Wales and Scotland and hospitals in all three countries , in an attempt to free up more beds for covid patients at the beginning of the pandemic, returned residents to their care home as quickly as possible. Whether testing was done, were the tests reliable, or results obtained before patients left the hospital will be the subject of the enquiry next year, hopefully covering the whole of the United Kingdom not just England. Also remember many people died as the result of catching covid whilst in hospital for other illnesses, this also needs to be investigated and protocols put in place so it can never happen again. We need a re design of how our hospitals work and keep in place the sanitizers , mask wearing and other things that have seen the reduction of MRSA and other infections.



    Totally agree their needs to be an enquiry starting now into all the aspects of pandemic and its handling in the UK.
    Astounded by the gross hypocrisy of the Welsh Tories in the Senedd who are asking for a Welsh enquiry , whilst their bosses in Westminster repeatedly say “ not yet – not yet ,” Any enquiry needs to be UK wide and the elements in Wales ( Scotland and N Ireland) to be part of that.
    If/when there is an enquiry it would be interesting to note how UK representatives , from Wales have been so out of step with the strands of the disease, and the attempts to combat it in Wales !
    Rather than playing pathetic games the Welsh Tories would be better employed asking for an overall UK enquiry NOW , and they may even get support across the Senedd for that .



    Fully agree that an enquiry is needed now – we know we will have Covid and variations around for a long period of time. There is a ned to review what has happened over the past 18 months as the virus spread and mutated. We are told that the Delta variant will have changed again by the winter as it adapts to changes in temperature. Hopefully we will not be in the same position as last winter. Now is the time to review last winters response before we hit what will probably become label as forth wave that will bring many challenges despite so many people having being double jabbed.
    We are already seeing number of people who have been double jabbed being hospitalised as they have underlaying health condition often without knowing they had a condition.
    The more research that can be undertaken the more likelihood that there will be better clarity as we face the next 12 months.



    The low uptake of vaccines in Berwyn Prison is worrying on a number of levels. Firstly the MOJ denying the figures given by BCHB are correct, why wouldn’t they be ? Secondly the inmates need to protect themselves from covid, the more who are double vaccinated then the increased likelihood of education, work and visiting will return to normal, plus those that return to the community will be at extra risk of getting covid if not vaccinated. With 52% having had one vaccine, then soon the double vaccinated rate should rise from the 29% to 52%. Large numbers of unvaccinated people in one place also has implications for our NHS hospital, as Chris Whitty stated 60% of hospitalised covid patients are unvaccinated.

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