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    It does not appear that any Councillor is a fincial advisor so their discussion around carbon generating companies has been conducted on emotion and not sound fincial information. There is clearly a need to reduce carbon emissions but with many companies having different ‘divisions’ that often compete with each other with technology solutions. To find companies that don’t create any carbon emissions would be very hard as their workers traveling to work in cars would be contributors.

    The bugger issues on the meeting though are why do we pay for Councillors who do not attend meetings – one third of them either did not attend at all or left before the end. Did the Councillors declare an interest at the beginning of the meeting as they are all members of the Pension Scheme..

    Looking at the performance of the Clwyd Pension Fund overall the performance has not been good and the Council are paying massive deficit contributions which means for most staff there is a 29% contribution – as rate payers we are paying through our rates for historical debt and not for the services that we think we are paying for.



    Looks like all Councillors under 75 years old can join. Presumably any Councillor in the scheme would have declared their interest at the meeting and not voted.



    It’s just posturing and a complete waste of time.

    Cllr Bithell also gave a run down of the finances, explaining: “Fossil fuels make up about £25 million approximately 1.1% of Clwyd Pension Fund assets, which are over £2 billion.

    That is not exactly a percentage worth sweating over, if the figure was much higher – perhaps up at 10% I’d say they had an issue, but as it goes any actual effort is a waste of time and resources.

    If these councillors were actually properly eco minded, they would rapidly increase the roll out of electric car charging points, increase the investment in cycle routes around the county and secure bicycle parking in town. Also look into overhauling the public transport system and getting more people on busses and trains than in cars.

    Perhaps even help identify viable sites for solar arrays or wind farms in the county.

    They can labour all they want on minute points in regards to pensions, but nobody is fooled. Do something for us in Wrexham, not pretend you care about the environment with pointless motions like this to get your Boy Scout or Girl Guides Eco Badge.

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