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    Participant has some interesting predications which presumably have come from some form of ‘tip off’.
    I nothing against those involved with the predications but I do feel Party Politics should be abolished when looking for the greater good of Wrexham and the pool of candidates for the Electorate roles should come from All Council Members and not just from the ;ruling party’.

    As the two Independent Groups don’t have any Manifesto they should be able to take on anyone from across the political spectrum. This has occurred in the past when Neil Rogers as Leader of the Labour Group and majority actually brought in High Jones (Conservative) onto the Executive – not because of his party political membership but because of his ability to do the role.

    There are others such as Danna Davies who has shown over many years her ability to get to grips with difficult issues- under the current arrangement though her expertise is not likely to be utilised.



    Good to see some possible new faces on the Executive Board, but still think the Board should be abolished and the power revert to the whole Council, in Full Council meetings.



    I agree with JaneJ. Elected not by party political membership, but by ability to do the role. When you look at some members of the Executive Board, the only ability they seem to have is to be able to read out a prepared report written by a council official. There does not seem to be much input from within.

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