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    Think we will be odds on to get it this time , because of wockhardt and their work in the production of the Covid vaccine, add in some american stardust from our new football club owners and the Royal Jubilee next year. At the time of the last Jubilee they spread the new city status across the four countries of the United Kingdom,which would guarantee one in Wales.




    I don’t believe it is odds on. Let’s wait and see the pros and cons. All I can add is that the project has been put forward by the Head of Service Regeneration, the same Head of Service Regeneration that is heading the Markets’ Project. The Markets’ Project seems to be stuttering, so why start a new project before completion of the last one. Of course, if you want to keep yourself in a job then perhaps, just, maybe.

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    Born Acorn

    Such a big topic the last few times, but seeing St Asaph get it and the world not ending I couldn’t care less what happens, it’s just a label, to paraphrase Plaid.

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    Councillor Bithell, Vice Chair of the Executive Board, is reported in December 2020 as personally opposed to the idea. I hope he follows that up by voting against the proposition to take City Status further at Tuesdays Executive Board meeting.



    Wrexham missed out in 2012, what in the town has got better since then?



    Loads of stuff,nail bars,pound bakery,tons of charity shops,loads of empty shops to be used for housing,and pubs,what more could anyone ask for.



    A nice addition might be humiliation stocks on Queens Square (to coincide with the Monday market) for whoever has come up with the craziest initiative that month.
    It could be a people’s choice, by online voting. Perhaps it would reinvigorate the town centre for one day of the week at least.



    Forget the City Status, no real value in it. Team up with Llangollen and go for the City of Culture bid instead (no need to be an actual city). Hurry up though Wrexham you only got a week left to get that bid in.



    Would footy team then be Wrexham City FC?

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