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    Commenting on the announcement, Wrexham MP Sarah Atherton said: “When I was elected in 2019, I pledged to put Wrexham on the map.”

    So a massive thank you to the Wrexham MP for getting us City Status.

    Diolch yn fawr iawn!

    Wrex-it and all the fans of Wrexham Athletic Football City

    - STAY AT HOME -



    Oh dear, this hasn’t aged well for Sarah.

    We’ve now changed our name from Wrexham Athletic to Wrexham City.



    Sad sad day for Wrexham



    She just got a bit over excited lol. She can’t help not being a football fan.

    Wrexham is the City of Wrexham & the County Town of Wrexham so we are a town & a city.

    As the song goes -Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. &


    Born Acorn

    It seems the hysteria brigade are out on socials, and misinformation is rife. St Asaph just up the A525 got city status 10 years ago and as far as I know hell hasn’t opened up and swallowed it as some of those on Facebook seem to intimate would happen to us.

    To be clear; City status confers no additional rights, roles or responsibilities on the council, the town, or its denizens. It is literally just a prestige thing; a name change; a white elephant.

    1. If council tax goes up it will be because it has *always* gone up.
    2. If councillor wages go up it will be because they have *always* gone up.
    3. Housing developers aren’t magically going to start building more estates than they have before; which is a lot.
    4. Likewise, we aren’t going to pull magic money from our behinds and plop down new schools, GPs and Hospitals – there is no budget change.
    5. No, you don’t have to start saying “I’m off to the city”. Even Londoners “pop into town”.
    6. The football club does not have to change its name, nor does the saying “up the town” need to go, see above.
    7. The History police will not be visiting to make sure all mentions of Wrexham being a market, barracks, railway, mining, steel, or whatever town are scrubbed from the records – that’s still the case; we were. Stop living in the 80s.

    With all that in mind, anything that now does get announced under the guise of city status is an independent decision by the council, and something they could also have done as a town.

    For example, we will probably get an expensive rebranding exercise with money that would be better spent elsewhere. No doubt the Council will want to update the W branding we’ve had since 1997. That means rolling that out on stationery, street furniture, signage, web etc. An expensive undertaking in todays world.

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    • This reply was modified 6 months, 2 weeks ago by Born Acorn.


    Dear Sarah , Wrexham will always be a town , not a vanity project for the council ! Ps do your home work Wrexham AFC , stands for Wrexham Association Football Club !! Maybe you should spend a bit more time in Wrexham and you might know !



    Yes hell has not opened up and swallowed St Asaph. Also businesses have not flocked to invest in St Asaph. The streets are not paved with gold, there are no Gucci shops in the high street.

    Businesses invest where the ROI will be the greatest. Yes that usually means cities because cities usually have larger populations and better infrastructure. Just renaming a small town to a city will not make a business suddenly want to invest there.

    Warrington, who missed out on becoming a city, will still be viewed as more attractive for investment from businesses as it has a much larger population, is better located strategically, and has better infrastructure.



    A key difference between Wrexham and many of the longer standing cities is they have a much larger population and proportionately more people who have a higher spending capacity which draws businesses. Wrexham having a City badge will certainly not increase the spending power of residents. Those who put forward economic benefits have been looking at large populations.



    This is one of the stupidest headlines to do with the City status from BBC — Wrexham: “The city with a football stadium as its cathedral”

    1. Wrexham has a Cathedral for over 100 years — St Marys – just because it is not Anglican does not make it less important as a Catholic Cathedral.

    2. As a society have we really git to a point were we idolise football the same as religion (even if yiu are not religious it is a strange comparison).

    3. The city status is for the town yet the coverage is including the aqueduct

    Now the label has been awarded (who will be invited to the big party when the representatives of the Queen visit to confer the formal city status – this will be the start of spending for the few and not for the residents as a whole.



    It is probably more than likely that the invitation to a party will be to Executive Board members only. It was they who rubber-stamped the bid against the majority feeling of the people of our town.

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