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    Chatwin’s bakery shop has closed in High street, Wrexham. Another blow for the town. Makes you wonder who will be next to close in this economic disaster.



    Not surprised they’ve closed considering the exorbitant prices they were charging.



    Was told they had problems with some of the customers, not the type of customer they wanted meaning they were a bit rough.



    Wrexham can’t afford an image where companies like this who invested in updating a building and fitting out a modern shop , find it is unsafe to keep the business open. What is the new Council’s plan of action ? Every city needs a safe “city centre”.


    Wrexham ITK

    I always thought that Chatwins was a little too upmarket for Wrexham



    It is sad to see an business closing but the reason being over an ‘incident’ with a customer or mess out the back of the shop are both matters the Police and Council should deal with – did the incident get reported to the Police and has the culprit been dealt with OR is this a blame shift from internal issues within Chatwins that they would not put in the public domain. There is far more to the closure than what is in the company statement.


    Comment 8or

    It’s always a pity to see a town centre shop close its doors these days. However, I agree (with JaneJ) that I suspect Chatwins are being less than forthright with their explanation for leaving/re-locating from Wrexham town centre. I believe their statement is disingenuous to Wrexham.

    Are we to believe that a successful store would shut up shop and move because of one incident where violence or damage was threatened? Did they report the matter to the Police and was the matter investigated? Surely, between witness accounts and CCTV footage, it wouldn’t be too difficult to deal with. And the continued unsanitary discarding of rubbish in an alleyway can’t be too difficult to sort out either. A gate, a security light and CCTV should do it – I smell a rat. Have they worked with the Council and Police to formulate a plan? Indeed, have they even reported anything at all?

    It’s more likely that they simply weren’t making a sustainable profit from its High Street location, given their products and pricing structure, but didn’t want to admit any failings on their part, for commercial reasons. It’s easier to lay the blame elsewhere. I do not believe the explanation has Wrexham or its residents’ interests (their former customers) at heart, at a time when Wrexham strives to invest and enhance, in its metamorphosis to meet its newly gained city status.

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