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    A fictitious candidate’s reply to the Q&A. For clarity, this is not representative of any one candidate but an amalgam of several I’ve read from those standing, both male and female.

    Hello my name is Joe Blogs, and I’ve been married to Joan, for 70 years. We’ve lived in Toytown, all our married life, and, all our children, went to the local school.
    If I’m elected I will make things better especially the potholes fly-tipping dog mess and speeding through the village which is getting worse, thank you, Joe Blogs

    The grammar is shocking. There are either too many commas used, mostly incorrectly, or none at all making it incoherent.

    Didn’t they think to read back what they’d written, or even have it proof read by a friend, before submitting it?

    I don’t expect perfection (I’m sure someone will point out errors that I have made while writing this) but this is English key stage 2 level for children aged 7-11 and too many candidates are failing miserably. It doesn’t give me any encouragement to vote for them.

    The worrying aspect is that they are going to have to make some big decisions if elected and yet they can’t even compose a sentence correctly. It hardly fills me with confidence.

    I just hope that none of them get to sit on the education board.



    Hi- some of the younger candidates may well be a product of years of failings in our Education system. Other failings are due to some candidates use predictive text but then don’t have ability to make corrections.

    It is not just the grammar but many candidates clearly have no idea what the role of a Councilor is – their responses to questions are so parochial- very few have an understanding that they will be working to achieve change for the benefit of all the population of Wrexham and not just the 2000 people in their patch and the few hundred feet of roads and paths and not the miles around the area.

    I also hope that no one votes for anyone who has not taken the trouble to complete the really good set of questions raised on Wrexham.Com – good on those who are automatically in due to no election completing the questions and a total shame on those who are so arrogant and disrespectful to the electorate showing they can’t be bothered now so why expect any difference in the future.

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