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    “Levelling up public services
    • The Budget and SR takes action to ensure that every community has access to world-class public services, no matter where they live. Many of the government’s actions will feed through to Barnett-based funding for the devolved administrations, levelling up public services in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

    quote from the Red Book

    So we can look forward to the NHS in Wrexham becoming world class. No waiting in A&E, ambulances arriving in good time , no long waiting lists for non urgent operations, GP consultations when needed. Home social care available to those who need it. With the will, the right management and finance it would be possible but the reality I am afraid is just a dream.



    Congratulations to South Clywyd – commiseration to Wrexham Town project — just shows the hype around our Hollywood stars has not filtered through the Political corridors of Westminster– no money for the Western Gateway, No money for Footballs ground redevelopment, no money for the Railway station Transport Hub- all good projects but unless Ryan and his Hollywood buddies bring open cheques with them this week to the game these wont happen for a considerable time.

    Not sure if BBC are ding sloppy reporting oin whether the Civil Servants are unsure of the map of Wales but they quote “Redevelopment of the Theatr Brycheiniog Arts Centre in Wrexham” – no we are nit getting another Ty Pawb this project its actually based in Brecon!!


    Born Acorn

    I believe the railway station transport hub is already fully funded by the WG.

    The Levelling up application was for the rest of the wider gateway.



    No we cannot, as the money given from Westminster is then wasted by Welsh Government. We could level up if we stopped voting for stagflation and labour – but put a donkey in a red tie and would get voted in.

    THe Labour party has had a massive positive effect on the Uk as a whole, with the NHS being its crowning glory, and we all agree, is the best in the world. But the Labour movement is no longer relevant



    All of which is voted on in Cardiff and not London

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