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    So the Leader of the Council wants Council Members to do more Scrutiny- this is a laughable statement from the person who Leads a Group of Executive Members who never take any notice od any changes or recommendations that may be made by a Scrutiny Committee.

    Can anyone point me to any item that has gone to a Scrutiny Committee that then resulted in and changes in the report that the 10 Executive Members would accept.

    The current system of Scrutiny just does not work so no wonder Council Members don’t use the system



    I agree JaneJ with your comments. Scrutiny in my opinion is an absolute waste of time, the Executive Board rule, end of story.

    I have noticed in the past couple of months, Councillors asking questions in scrutiny the answers to which are in the report before them which presumably they have supposed to have read.

    Maybe the time has come for elected councillors to sit only on a Community Council and leave it to the 10 know alls. Think of the cost saving to the City.



    Jimbow – you could tell when meeting are online those Councilors who are reading documents for the first time in the meeting. Also agree the 40 odd Councilors who are not on Executive should be pensioned off as they are redundant. On the rare occasions they ask any questions they are shot down, where is democratic accountability- The Leader is just giving lip service.



    The key comment came at the end of the article:

    “what I’m concerned about in this area now, is that members are coming to the executive board asking questions, when really, these questions should go to scrutiny. They should go to task and finish groups”

    So he wants scrutiny. Just doesn’t want any pesky questions. Translation: “Give your questions to someone else so i can ignore them easier.”

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