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    Besides paying £1900 a day for a consultant the Minister Vaughn Gethin must have also bought gallons of whitewash paint- his statement does nothing to give residents in North Wales any confidence that health services are really improving.
    He has made no comment about thanking all of those front line staff who are turning up on a daily basis working their socks off to try and look after patients when those in management positions peer down on them without a thought for the daily stress they encounter. There are so many onion layers in the management structure that front line staff can’t get messages through and the Minister sits in the middle totally protected by the different tiers.
    A Minister that makes no attempt to visit the wards and the coal face to find out what the real issues within the Health Board region- why does he not get down to the shop floor and actually stay to find out – any visits (you will struggle to find many in the past four and a half years of Special Measures) have been in and out – he must wear running shoes as he never sticks around anywhere for questions – he doesn’t even stay for questions when he attends conferences or anywhere people will query what he is doing to help health.
    This is a case of gross mismanagement from ministerial level in the Welsh Government, the BCU Board, Senior Executives, and managers protecting their positions. It is no wonder there are so many vacancies and staff leaving – who would want to be working in a medical structure that is in Special Measures when there are other hospital options over in England.
    As soon as people in positions of power recognise the whole structure is too large and not fit for purpose the better – start listening to those closest to service delivery who meet all the distraught patients on a daily basis and are faced with life and death critical incidents.
    How long do we need to wait to reduce the number of people ending up in the morgue too early due to failing systems in healthcare? Unnecessary deaths are occurring daily across North Wales – if readers don’t believe this look at the issues with Cardiovascular services and recorded deaths since April due to ‘efficiencies being implemented’ against the advice of professional.
    This is not about Party politics as the oppositions Parties have not come up with any constructive alternatives to the shambles so they need to be carrying the blame as well as they have not come through with solutions.



    Well it’s no wonder the Minister won’t stay around to ask questions – he would have to declare what knowledge his Department had about the massive consultants fees and why if he is so good he did not remove the current Chief Executive and managers.
    People who dont hang around clearly have things to hide.


    Llayby lilly

    this is Labours version of the NHS. Wales has the poorest performing NHS in the whole UK. Please remember this when your next in the voting booth…!




    In Wrexham we are having the added problem of staff leaving and going over to England to work- better pay and Centres of Excellence- we are just seeing a deterioration with no signs of improvement.

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