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    So as one of the four finalist for the 2025 City of Culture. the Culture Secretary announced a bonus £125,000 for each of the runners up. So what should our Council do with the unexpected windfall? The Chief Executive said Wrexham would, if they won, concentrate on improving the lives of children so maybe that’s one area to look at. Hopefully they will not waste it and we will see some quantifiable benefit to the City from it.

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    I think this ‘reward’ should be given to Mark the Magnificent (our Council Leader), under his leadership Wrexham has been transformed from his failing Town into his failing City. There’s progress for you.



    £125,000 worth of pie and chips

    - STAY AT HOME -



    £125k to carry on subsidising Ty Pawb. Amazing how the Council came out as doing so much for culture in Wrexham when they hadn’t done anything for years before they got shortlisted and had money to spend.

    Let us hope that the £125k is sliced up between all the fantastic community-based organisations that really do help the culture in Wrexham.



    I can’t disagree with you Jane. I’m not surprised in the slightest that Bradford have been awarded the 2025 accolade.
    Just out of interest, I checked the ‘what’s on’ pages for the respective candidates. In terms of quality events, Wrexham comes in a very lowly 4th.
    Granted, lots of things have been going on in the run up to selection, but sadly, pretty much with the odd exception, of a low calibre.
    Unfortunately, now that it’s all over for another 4 years, I anticipate a rapid decline in meaningful culture based activities.
    At great expense no doubt the old Hippodrome site was transformed to a children’s play area simply to impress the judging panel. Now, at half term, it’s once again boarded off and out of use.
    However much we are told that Ty Pawb is a jewel in the crown but in reality, it’s just paste.

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