All new road building projects in Wales are to be shelved.

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    Are the Junction improvements on the A483 now not going ahead?
    The completion of the Western Gateway is no more?



    I would assume so – although they’ve been put on hold until WG can decide what they want to do, so it may still happen but it’s less certain now.

    Seems to be a habit – extra train services promised and road improvement projects get announced a few weeks before elections, then get put on hold. Grass is greener, bear in woods etc.



    Would it affect the work at the football club, because I think that was part of the gateway work



    I don’t think the gateway project is a “roads” project and isn’t on hold because it’s more about improving public transport, but we’ll see.
    Might be worth asking Lesley Griffiths, if only to remind her that WG have promised funding for it.


    Councillor X

    It only applies to north Wales projects like the A55 because if a bear poops in the forest and nobody smells it then it doesn’t exist.

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