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    The decision has been deferred. The developer mentioned cheap rents. This is not enforceable by planning. The Council should not be influenced by such unsubstantiated meaningless statements.



    “The application for the second and third floors of 39 to 41 High Street had been recommended for approval by Wrexham Council’s chief planning officer”

    Is this the same planning officer that refused the Wrexham industrial estate Tomato greenhouse plan? But is happy with ultra small flats. This planning officer is useless.

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    Ioan y Ffin

    Which is least likely to happen in the next 12 months
    a) the Second Coming
    b) You win the National Lottery Jackpot
    c) The Planning Department produce the Local Development Plan

    William Hill, Betfair and Ladbrokes have just told me they are no longer taking bets on this owing to c) being impossible.



    Ioan y Ffin

    If you thought 39-41 High Street was grim, then don’t even bother looking at the plans for the fourteen box room flats above Clinton Cards on Regent Street. The idea that professionals would want to work all day and come back to the one of these over-priced cupboards is a total joke and not a nice one either. The plans for an extension to the rear for another six cupboard flats would mean there would be no outside space apart from that needed for the ever overflowing communal bins. People haven’t campaigned for the abolition of battery cages for hens to see them replaced by the equivalent for human beings.


    Ioan y Ffin

    It seems incredible that wheelie bins on pavements outside residential accomodation arent treated as fire hazards and made illegal, especially the large grundons.
    Wheelie bins on the first floor sounds like an even greater fire hazard, vermin paradise and potentially an obstacle in case of an emergency such as a fire alarm. Even 19 apartments will be a series of highly priced buy to let pokey holes.If someone had said three or flour owner occupied apartments on each floor that would be a real quality addition to the High Street.



    Mean while further down the road. I don’t remember Bridge St ever flooding

    Environment body stands firm over objection to former Wrexham nightclub apartment plans
    Wrexham.com for people living in or visiting the wrexham area
    An environment body has stood firm over its objection to plans to create almost 40 apartments around a former Wrexham nightclub.
    During the summer, councillors discussed proposals to convert the first and second floors of an old night spot on the corner of Brook Street into ten apartments.
    It would also see a new four-storey building housing 28 apartments constructed on a connecting area on Bridge Street.

    The scheme was recommended for refusal by planning officers after Natural Resources Wales (NRW) highlighted that the site is located within a C2 flood risk area near the River Gwenfro, where there are no significant flood defences



    Most of these town centre ‘apartment’ developments are not about creating high quality living but squeeze as many units as possible onto a building plot at the smallest cost possible knowing that there could be full occupancy from people on housing benefits and there is an added plus the Council will give the developer a non refundable grant for each unit they create.

    A developer cant lose with the current model of giving incentives – sometimes not ever completing the work. Look at Trinity House that has recently been sold – the previous owners had a large grant to replace all the windows and makes flats — the windows got replaced but no flats were ever created and no one chased them up — developer walks away with nice profit without completing the necessary works.

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