£280,000 of improvement for “Borderlands line” between Wrexham Boarders Railway

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    Nice to see some improvement but this money is for 12 stations? so only £23,300 ish per station? or will some get more than others, does not sound that much though, guess majority has been allocated to Cardiff & Swansea & other south wales stations?


    AMA Express


    Be nice if they could make the sodding things run on time, or at all. My other half is forever left waiting on the platform by this shower of shite. Never thought I’d miss Arriva’s running of the service.


    Ioan y Ffin

    It is probably better to wait and see some serious improvements rather than rely on the distracting drip feed of press releases promising improvements.
    TfW are good at putting out announcements but the jury is still out on their delivery.



    The press release seemed to suggest the money was for cleaning and some stickers. I suspect Ken was sent up to North Wales just to announce something to try and keep people happy.

    But anyway, according to TfW’s document here (https://tfw.gov.wales/sites/default/files/inline-files/Detailed%20Briefing.pdf) we’ll at least be getting a useful Sunday train service from December….



    You mean they sent Ken to grin in the foreground of something vaguely mediocre going on in North Wales?

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