Elwyn Vaughan – Plaid Cymru – Montgomeryshire and Glyndwr General Election 2024


This is a candidate page for the Montgomeryshire and Glyndwr constituency – the full list of candidates are: Jeremy David Brignell-Thorp, Oliver Lewis, Glyn Preston, Elwyn Vaughan, Craig Williams, Steve Witherden.

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Answers to the Wrexham.com Q&A…

1.What is the top issue that you feel the people of Montgomeryshire and Glyndwr will want you to represent them on, and what is your position on it?

Response- The NHS is the main issue and there are a number of aspects to it. That is why i have been active in the campaign to secure the future of the Air Ambulance and arguing for a extra RRV Rapid Response Vehicle based at Wrecsam. Also helping a mental health charity for young people and on a personal level i’m well aware of the challenges facing many with MS.
What is particularly concerning is the research by leading health think tank Nuffield Trust this week, that has indicated the policies of Keir Starmer’s party outlined in Labour’s manifesto would leave the UK Government struggling to pay existing staff costs, let alone planned increases in the NHS long-term workforce plan agreed last year.
The Nuffield Trust said that “the manifestos imply increases [in annual funding for the NHS] between 2024-25 and 2028-29 of 0.9% [a year] for the Conservatives and 1.1% for Labour. Both Conservative and Labour proposals would represent a lower level of funding increase than the period of ‘austerity’ between 2010-11 and 2014-15.” That would be a disaster. That is why we would:

  • Focus on recruiting 500 GPs
  • Support the Infected Blood Scandal report and its actions
  • Support a new dental school at Bangor to increase number dentists
  • Support reform of the Mental Health Act

I’d press for much needed investment at Wrecsam Maelor hospital and secure the Wales Air Ambulance base at Welshpool to serve the rural communities and have a new RRV at Wrexham

2. Cost of living is up, mortgages are up, food prices are up, energy costs are up, rent is up – all with inflation still increasing. What can you practically do as an MP to help people in Montgomeryshire and Glyndwr in the future?

Response – much of the cost of living crisis is due to the austerity agenda pursued by the Tories and the bonkers budget implemented by Liz Truss when Prime Minister. That cost £36 bn and cost billions to pension funds and wrecked the economy. The main lesson is don’t pursue such a economic policy as the Tories have done !

3. Social housing wait lists are high, private home ownership is more and more unattainable with more people in their 20s and 30s still living at home with their parents. In your view, how can this be resolved?

Wales needs to ensure that the supply of housing matches community needs.
Ensure that empty homes are returned to use
Ensure a modern planning system rather than the outdated current model
Support local authorities and housing associations to build new homes

4. Young people are often an afterthought during election cycles and after years of disrupted education, including closure of youth facilities and lack of mental health support. What do you think needs to be put into place to support young people and how would you lobby for this if elected.

Response – Austerity has caused havoc with youth services leading to many closing, but also leading to wider social problems. At a time when we’ve seen mental health concerns amongst young people increasing since Covid it is imperative that such services are invested in. A good example has been established recently at Camarthen where a range of services under one roof for mental health support. Such a facility needs to be established in other areas such as Wrecsam. But fundamentally we need to invest in youth services in order to make up for some of the devastating cuts that have happened in recent years.

5. Health is devolved, but there is a link to Westminster and England in many ways. People are waiting longer for GP appointments, hospital waiting times have risen, staff are poorly paid and overworked. In your opinion, how do you think the issues in the NHS need addressing

Response – Labour have failed our health service in Wales and the report from the Nuffield Trust this week does not bode well for the NHS if Labour in England runs it. The continuation of the Tory austerity agenda will be a disaster and as well as the answers to point 1 above the fundamental principle is that we have to invest in the NHS as other European countries do if we want a proper service.

6. How do you think climate change will affect Montgomeryshire and Glyndwr in the future, and what as a local MP can you do on the matter?

Response – Climate change will affect everywhere. One of the main issues re climate change is energy production and our use of energy. That is why I would be pushing for
Control over the Crown estate in Wales to ensure its benefits stay in our communities
Develop Ynni Cymru as a Welsh owned energy company
With 35% of emissions coming from the housing stock and with a old stock in Wales, i would push for large scale retrofitting of housing not only to minimise emissions but also to create a warmer and healthier housing for our residents

7. Do you think migration is a big issue to the people of Montgomeryshire and Glyndwr, and if so, why? Summarise your views. 

Response – It is a issue which is hyped by some political forces to create fear and uncertainty for their own political gain. It is imperative that a mature conversation happens on such topics. The reality is essential services such as the NHS is in dire need of migrant staff to plug the employment skills shortages. However if we are serious about tackling the wider issue of population movement then we have to tackle the Climate change issues which are facing many countries thus forcing people to look for new hope and future and also consider the effect of such actions as supplying bombs and interfering in other countries in the Middle East which leads to destruction of those countries and movement of people. We reap what we sow.

8. What are your views on the current devolution arrangements from Westminster to Cardiff, and what change if any, would you support?

Response – Westminster needs –
to stop undermining the devolution settlement. It should –
devolve the Crown Estate as it does to Scotland allowing the profit to be invested in our communities and not taken to the Treasury.
Devolve the justice and policing as is the norm in Ireland and Scotland. Even Manchester has more powers over policing than Wales has.

9. What is your view on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and what future path would you like the UK Parliament to take?

Response – Plaid Cymru believes that Ukraine’s national sovereignty and the right of Ukrainians to live in peace must be upheld. We believe that Ukraine has the right to defend itself from aggressive attack and invasion. The Government needs to ensure better implementation of the trade restrictions on Russia to increase the pressure and calls for peace.

10. Finally, Trust in politics is at an all time low. How will you engage with residents if elected and work to rebuild that trust and more importantly, why should voters put their faith in you?

Response – Trust in politics is low because far too often politicians are seen as avoiding issues or in it for themselves. As a Powys County Cllr i’m known for plain speaking, for saying things as they are, for not being afraid to challenge those in power, for fighting for what is right. That is why i’ve been heavily involved in supporting whistleblowers at the council and in pushing for openness and transparency to the extent where chief officers at the council don’t like it. BUT if we are to gain the trust of the public they need to see that politicians will stand up and be counted, will fight for what is right. I would reinforce these principles with regular community meetings, have a open access policy and put community politics at the heart of my work and actions.

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