Statement from Paul Pemberton

We invited them to tell you a little about who they are, any political history and about their political leanings.

I am an independent candidate have served on WCBC for 18 yrs and Rhos community council for 20 yrs I own a local business in our community have operated that since 1979

Questions & Answers

1. What are the three biggest issues for your ward, how do you think they need to be resolved, and what will you do to achieve it?

ASB is a big problem I meet regularly with NWP to find ways forward and will continue to do so.Potholes and worn out roads are another priority I am forever contacting the department to facilitate repairs and would continue to do so.many are struggling and using food banks etc .I have been collecting cash and goods for ours in Rhos to help young and old alike .Speeding is another problem I have been part of Rhos Cc who have purchased several mobile speed data/ warning signs which do have some impact

2. What do you think needs to be done to help Wrexham recover from the pandemic and what hands-on-role can you play as a councillor ?

One of the most important things I think is to get everyone back to work not from home ,the town centre has lost significant footfall due to offices being empty .I will push for this if re elected .The current council car park arrangements are favourable and I will lobby to keep free parking for as long as possible

3. As a councillor you may have the chance to take on further roles eg. Lead Member, Audit, Scrutiny. What appeals to you and what skills do you bring to that role?

I have chaired many committees over the years I am currently chair of H&E ,Chair of constitution working group and chair of the independent group I feel I have enough experience to face any of the challenges

4. What do the words climate emergency mean to you and your ward?

One of the most important issues of our lifetime not only for my ward or the town but the whole world .We all must work together to reduce our carbon footprint

5. What is the biggest thing you would have done differently from the ruling administration over the last 5 years? (Or, if you were part of the Administration - what would you have done differently?)

Not a lot it’s been a rollercoaster on times but I think all in all it’s been managed pretty well

6. Local health pressures are well documented, from delayed ambulances to issues in the hospital. How can the council help resolve those problems?

This is one for Betsi cadwallader health board I know they come along to scrutiny but not sure whether they take any notice of our concerns .I think we need to put more pressure on them and lobby them to make improvements .I can’t get my head around at planning committee when a good number of houses are being built with no extra heath provision ,We are told it’s not a material planning consideration and the problem gets worse .We need to look at this and lobby to make changes

7. What will you do on a local level to help support people in your ward affected by the cost of living crisis?

On previous column i already statedI have collected monies and goods from individuals and business’s and delivered to our local foodbank I will continue to carry on doing this as long as required .

8. How would you improve the local education system?

National education has suffered due to Covid i am glad we are seeing some light and normality return .I am proud that during my tenure a couple of terms back I have been active with others to get a new school for Ysgol I D Hooson in Rhos then the amalgamation of Ponciau ,wern and Rhos ,to form Ysgol Maes y Mynnydd In a fully refurbished extended facility ,I know that was a while ago but we have just been succesful in acquiring monies to extend Ysgol I D Hooson to enable us to get rid of the dreaded cabins i fir y believe that the better the teaching environment the better the education

9. When the public view the Full Council meeting in June, do you envision you could be part of a Party, Group or coalition, and if so, specifically who and why?

If re elected I will continue being a member of the independent group and decide best way forward when we see the number's

10. This is a noteworthy election with 16 and 17 year olds now able to vote, what have you done to engage this new electorate and what do you think is the biggest issue for them locally ?

Lack of decent paid jobs for youngsters who wish to go straight from school to the working environment .I have always treated young people with respect and continue to do so and welcome there input in the voting system .and hope not before too long they take an interest in local government and it’s workings I would guide anyone with advice etc if they wished k

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