Statement from Robert Ian Williams

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Greetings! I’m Robert Ian Williams and Bangor is y Coed village is my family home, where I spent my formative years. Since University, I have taught history, Religious Studies and French at school and College level. I recently took my teachers pension early, but due to the pandemic crisis and teachers shortage, I have returned to the classroom. I am passionate about education, a keen member of the NEU teaching Union ( I attended National Conference this Easter). I hold a Masters degree from the University of Wales and I am the author and editor of over 17 published works. I am currently Chairman of the Friends of Wrexham Museum, as the preservation of our heritage concerns me. One of my proudest achievements is also having learnt the Welsh language. I would recommend it to anyone. It opens up a whole new world, and is an enriching experience.
I am a committed Christian and involved in my church. Politically I have not always been Conservative, and for years was a member of the Labour party. However I have become increasingly disillusioned with Welsh Labour and its attempts to micro manage our lives. The Conservative party stands unequivocally for freedom and very importantly the United Kingdom. I am proud to be both Welsh and British.
I love cycling, swimming and Scottish country dancing in my spare time. Having lived and worked on three continents, I can unequivocally say that that the area of the Bangor is y Coed ward is one of the best kept secrets in Wales, for beauty , history and its people. I’m standing for election to get things done. Our roads and in many cases our pavements need resurfacing. The bus service needs improvement and should be extended into the Worthenbury and Tallarn Green areas. The issue of drainage in the historic centre of Bangor is y Coed needs critical attention. I will lobby the Welsh government to improve the safety of the A525 and also stop the flooding that occurs on that road .
I pledge to stand with all those who work the land. They work24/7, not only providing us with food but preserving and maintaining our beautiful landscape.

Questions & Answers

1. What are the three biggest issues for your ward, how do you think they need to be resolved, and what will you do to achieve it?

The three biggest issues, are proper road maintenance, better bus services for all the communities and a plan for the A525, looking at road safety and the fact that it floods, on average for several days a year, cutting us off from Wrexham and the industrial estate.

2. What do you think needs to be done to help Wrexham recover from the pandemic and what hands-on-role can you play as a councillor ?

Local people are resourceful and innovative people. Investment and enterprise needs to be encouraged. Tourism also needs to be encouraged, as we have much to offer. I want more links with our famous race course which places Bangor is y Coed on the national map.

3. As a councillor you may have the chance to take on further roles eg. Lead Member, Audit, Scrutiny. What appeals to you and what skills do you bring to that role?

My interest areas are planning and conservation, education and the care of the elderly. Planning because our beautiful and historic community must be protected and education because that is the key to a successful worthwhile life. I have seen how dementia blighted my Mothers last years, and I want to help people to stay in their homes as long as possible, with very best care package.

4. What do the words climate emergency mean to you and your ward?

The immediate issue for us is flooding, and we must not lower our priorities of protecting the low lying areas of our communities. Recycling and home insulation schemes should also be encouraged and expanded.

5. What is the biggest thing you would have done differently from the ruling administration over the last 5 years? (Or, if you were part of the Administration - what would you have done differently?)

We must encourage and continue the resurfacing effort. We must also ensure value for our council tax, by improving the library service, Wrexham leisure facilities and making the schools the heart of our communities for all ages.

6. Local health pressures are well documented, from delayed ambulances to issues in the hospital. How can the council help resolve those problems?

I support our NHS , but I will not cease to help people when they have genuine issues with that service.

7. What will you do on a local level to help support people in your ward affected by the cost of living crisis?

I would provide a better bus service for local people. I would help any person , who needs help, find the assistance which is out there, and the benefits which are waiting for them.

8. How would you improve the local education system?

We are blessed with excellent schools on a primary and high school level , and I would hope they would invite me to become a governor. I am unhappy with the current proposal to alter the school holidays as this could cause problems for families . I would seek busing allowances for those on the border who want their children to go to Bishop Heber school.

9. When the public view the Full Council meeting in June, do you envision you could be part of a Party, Group or coalition, and if so, specifically who and why?

If elected I would work with my fellow conservative councillors and any other councillor who seeks the common good.

10. This is a noteworthy election with 16 and 17 year olds now able to vote, what have you done to engage this new electorate and what do you think is the biggest issue for them locally ?

It is vital to engage young people in the voting process. As a History teacher, I always tell my pupils that people died for us to have the right to vote, and it is a responsibility of each of us to use it. It is a tragedy that so few people bother to vote in the local elections. Young people must have full knowledge of how our democracy works. For that is the basis of a sound and free society.

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