Statement from Ross Edward Shepherd

We invited them to tell you a little about who they are, any political history and about their political leanings.

My name is Ross Shepherd and I have lived all my life in Rossett. I have worked in the education sector for over 20 years to date. I am proud of the village we live in and have always taken a keen interest in local issues. I would like to continue to address the issues which are important to the whole village. I hope you will give me the opportunity to represent your views on the issues that matter most to you and your family.

Questions & Answers

1. What are the three biggest issues for your ward, how do you think they need to be resolved, and what will you do to achieve it?

There are numerous issues to focus on in Rossett including ensuring medical facilities meet the needs of the village and provides fair access for. Campaigning against large housing developments and loss of green spaces by representing the views of residents and making sure their views and concerns are listened to.Continuing to address flooding issues which affect our village by working closely with residents, Wrexham Council and Natural Resource Wales to help resolve such matters.

2. What do you think needs to be done to help Wrexham recover from the pandemic and what hands-on-role can you play as a councillor ?

Every family has been affected by the pandemic. It is important that the council gives support to those in need such as tackling issues including loneliness and mental health. Also a focus needs placing on investing in the town centre and listening to residents’ ideas about what they would like to see happen. It is important that the council supports independent businesses which will help with the regeneration of Wrexham.

3. As a councillor you may have the chance to take on further roles eg. Lead Member, Audit, Scrutiny. What appeals to you and what skills do you bring to that role?

My interests very firmly lie with education as I work in this sector. I believe strongly that all children have the right to a first class education and that all schools in the County Borough should have excellent resources and good teacher/pupil ratios to help all learners achieve their best. New roles are dependent on the outcome of the election and the political makeup of the council.

4. What do the words climate emergency mean to you and your ward?

Climate change should be a real concern for all of us. In Rossett it is important that I work closely with the council and Natural Resource Wales to try and rectify some of the flooding problems which affect numerous properties and residents in parts of the ward. It is vital we protect our green spaces for future generations and ensure any future housing developments are carefully scrutinised at the planning stage and the views and opinions of all residents are counted. It is also important as a council that we continue to promote and encourage recycling throughout the County Borough.

5. What is the biggest thing you would have done differently from the ruling administration over the last 5 years? (Or, if you were part of the Administration - what would you have done differently?)

I feel with the cost of living crisis affecting most of us I think the council has to ensure that any council tax rises are carefully considered. The council always has to ensure it provides value for money and support is put in place for the most vulnerable in society.

6. Local health pressures are well documented, from delayed ambulances to issues in the hospital. How can the council help resolve those problems?

As we all know it is a difficult time for the Health Service but the council does not have any direct control over the NHS or Ambulance Service. The council can assist by helping to ensure everyone stays up to date with their vaccines and encouraging all to seek help and advice from their local chemist if they can to help take some of the pressure off our doctors’ surgeries and hospitals.

7. What will you do on a local level to help support people in your ward affected by the cost of living crisis?

I am and will always be approachable to those who need my help or advice. I will support those affected by the cost of living crisis by helping them make contact with those who can help. I think it is important we support our local food banks.

8. How would you improve the local education system?

Having worked in the education sector for over twenty years to date in different schools and have been a member of different governing bodies I have a good understanding what is needed to provide an outstanding education for all our children. This primarily involves ensuring school budgets are maintained allowing all schools to employ the staff needed for high pupil/teacher ratios. Giving all schools the support needed to maintain enthusiasm and motivation for all stakeholders so everyone is able to achieve their best.

9. When the public view the Full Council meeting in June, do you envision you could be part of a Party, Group or coalition, and if so, specifically who and why?

Even though I am standing as a conservative candidate I will always represent the views and opinions of the residents of Rossett first. I will work closely with other elected members on key matters.

10. This is a noteworthy election with 16 and 17 year olds now able to vote, what have you done to engage this new electorate and what do you think is the biggest issue for them locally ?

I feel it is important that 16 and 17 year old's are included in political discussions and their views and opinions are listened to. I think it is important that the younger generation know how they can become involved in decision making and help the community they live in.

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