Statement of Nathan Hughes

We invited them to tell you a little about who they are, any political history and about their political leanings.

Born and bred in Wrexham, and lived in Llay all my life. I was educated here at the local primary school, Llay CP School and Darland High School. Working in the Llay Business Centre made me aware of the lack of jobs and opportunities for local young people looking for a career. Having spent all my life living and growing up in Llay I feel I am the best candidate to represent Llay in the local council. I am passionate about Llay and will always seek the best for our village. I believe in traditional values of honesty, fairness and respect. Sometime ago I left the Conservative Party and joined UKIP. One of my reasons for doing so is because I deeply believe the Tories do not support the hard working families of this country. UKIP are the people’s party, we believe the people of this country deserve better than the same old broken promises of the past.

Wrexham is the Brexit capital of North Wales. Last June an overwhelming majority voted for Brexit. As we embark on a new chapter let’s not forget this was only made possible due to the relentless work of UKIP. During the referendum all the major parties supported Remain. We were the only party that supported the Brexit campaign. UKIP has kept their promise and will continue to do so. Now the formal withdrawal of the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union is under way, you may well be thinking what’s the point of UKIP now? UKIP are NOT a one issue party.
Our goal now is:
 To hold the UK Government and the Welsh Assembly to account.
 To protect jobs, the NHS, schools and the future of our nation for the next generation.
 To have a fairer immigration system which is built upon skills and the need of our country.

The Tories, Labour and Lib Dems are all part of the same political establishment that has let the people of this country down for far too long. Labour no longer stand up for the fundamental principles on which they were founded. The Lib Dems will take us back into the EU, going against the democratic voice of the people. UKIP are the only party that will deliver on our promises to you, the people of the United Kingdom.

I am a published poet and writer for various Christian publications. In my spare time I enjoy a number of pastimes. Namely, Reading, Writing, Horticulture, British History, Classical Music, Victorian Art, Antiques, Cycling, Walking (particularly in the hills) and the British Countryside. One of my fortes is Vexillology. I have the ability to identify most of the world’s national flags. I also enjoy watching Cricket, Rugby Union, Rowing, Soccer, Snooker, Equestrian, Show Jumping and Horse racing. I also enjoy collecting model wartime planes.

Questions & Answers

1. Often we are told that highways, street lighting, bin collections and anti-social behaviour are some of the issues people care most about. Aside from those what are the key local issues in your ward? (The question below will ask what you think should be done)

I recognise that we need more affordable housing in the village. I believe homes should be built in suitable locations. Homes should not be built on green areas. To combat speeding on First Avenue I propose speed control measures. Divers should not be travelling at such high speeds in an area where there are young children and other vulnerable people. I will work closely with local police to combat vandalism and drug abuse in the community. I feel we need a stronger police presence. I believe the community spirit as largely gone from this country. I would like to revive the community spirit in the village. Another important issue I believe is local jobs for local people. Llay Business Centre is a very important asset to the local economy. I have worked there in the past and would like to see local jobs going to local people. I would like to have job fairs in the village whereby local business can advertise local jobs.

2. Further to the above issues you have specified, at a ward level what would you do to resolve these problems if elected?

I would seek to work with our local MP's and AM's to highlight the areas of improvement and work to resolve concerns for the people of Wrexham in a way that works for all.

3. As a councillor and as a member of the council what would be in your power, and your priority, to help local businesses?

This depends on which committee I will be on. I will listen diligently to what business leaders have to say about their business and do all what I can so local business can grow and thrive.

4. How do you think adult social care in Wrexham should be funded?

Social care across the UK has been under funded for far too long. My party UKIP believe we should cut our foreign aid budget and use that money to help our own elderly, disabled and other vulnerable people in society. I personal believe is not not fair that British tax payers money should be given to other countries when our own people need the support and care.

5. What do you think is the most urgent thing, in the power of councillors, required to improve the local education system?

We need to make sure that money is not being wasted in Wrexham schools. I also believe that the government should not be teaching sex education to young children. I also believe there is a lack of correct discipline and respect in schools today. Teachers work very hard are need the correct support in a number of different ways. I am also concerned at the lack of Welsh speakers in the area. Wrexham has a low percentage of Welsh speakers compared with other parts of Wales. I would like to encourage our young people to learn this value skill for future jobs in Wales. Another important issue is the lack of support for Autism in schools. As a person who has ASD I can relate to the everyday problems and issues young people with ASD suffer. I would like to see every Autistic child receive the right support they need. I believe we should be teaching our young people the virtue of traditional Christian values in school not the liberal and left wing values we are currently teach.

6. What do you think should be done with the Groves school building, and the site?

I would like to see the Grove school building used for educational purposes or a youth centre. We have a lack of safe places for young children in Wrexham town centre. I would like to see the building used as a safe place where young people can learn, grow, have fun and be educated.

7. What are your thoughts on the housing supply in Wrexham, and if you feel more housing needs to be created in volume, where would that be sited and who would it be targeted at?

I have answered this question briefly above. I believe we need more homes in the town for young families. Sadly in this current economic climate it is hard for young families to live away from parents and have their own independents.

8. On litter and dog fouling enforcement, do you think this should be provided via a third party, and should it be enforced to the letter of the law or in a more lenient manner?

I am against private companies preying on the vulnerable and issuing fines for profit and to meet targets. If someone drops litter accidentally and then picks it up and places it in a trash bin then why should that person be fined. The council should be targeting people who are deliberately dropping litter and causes problems. On dog fouling I think there is a lack of bins for dog fouling around the area. I would like to see more installed in public places.

9. Do you favour the current Executive Board system or a politically balanced system? Why?

Any one party having to much power is a bad thing. I believe there should be a balance in any political system. We need accountability.

10. As has happened in Wrexham recently - if you change political allegiance from what you are currently seeking election for (eg. resigning from, or joining another party) will you trigger a by-election? If not, why not?

If I am elected, I will be elected as a UKIP councillor. I intend to remain a UKIP councillor. I have no intentions of joining any other political party. I left the Conservative Party and joined UKIP because I believe in what UKIP stands for. With this in mind I will trigger a by-election in Llay if I stand down due to any reason.

11. 'Reshaping' Wrexham Council is a major theme impacting all areas of the local authority. What areas do you think could see deeper savings made and why?

I think we need to look at where money is being wasted and put that to fund vital services across the area. If elected I will work hard to make sure tax payers money is not wasted but spent on important services.

12. With the 'Reshaping' programme, which specific areas would you look to grow and create revenue streams in?

13. The Town Centre Masterplan is an aspirational document which could shape and transform the town centre over the next ten years. What is your future vision for Wrexham town centre, and how will you help achieve it?

I strongly believe the heart has gone out of Wrexham town centre in recent years which is sad. Wrexham is biggest town in North Wales and I believe we should celebrate that fact. I would like to put the heart back into Wrexham town centre by trying to attract more business and growth for the town.

14. Many politicians are accused of being out of touch with voters and only surfacing before elections. What will you do to ensure you stay in touch through the coming years if you are elected?

I agree. Many politicians don't really care about the people they represent. We have far too many career MP's who have no idea what really people's lives are like. Two promises I will make. I pledge to be a strong voice and advocate for Llay. I pledge to hold regular meetings with local residents to hear their concerns and to update the people on Wrexham Council issues. I believe very strongly that if the people do not feel their voices are being heard they should have the right to elected a new councillor or MP. It will be my job to keep the people of Llay correctly informed and represented in the council. I will also attend local events.

15. What are your thoughts on the current provision and support for the arts in Wrexham, and what would you do to support the arts?

Wrexham has a good range of arts and shows in the William Aston Hall. I have been to concerts there and think we do a very good job of promoting our Welsh & British talent. One issue I feel very strong about in BBC Wales does not cover North Wales as much as South Wales. Sometimes I watch the North West England news as it is covers more local news for this part of the world. I would like to encourage BBC Wales to cover North Wales news just as much as South Wales. I would like to get more funding from the Welsh Assembly for the arts in Wrexham.

16. Wrexham Football Club had been let down greatly before being taken over by the fans themselves. As a councillor what action would you champion to help the club?

I do not honestly believe the football club need me to champion them. It is the role of the fans and the club to do that. I think all sport teams in Wrexham need equal praise and support. I don't think the football club is only sport team the council should champion. We have some great sport teams in Wrexham such as Rugby League, Netball, Hockey, Athletics, Snooker and others which deserve equal praise and support. Why should one sport of football get more praise than another sport.

17. Wrexham's Night Time Economy employs a large number of people and generates revenue for the town. As a councillor what action would you like to see from Wrexham Council to improve that sector?

Honestly, I would like to see measures to combat drunkenness and alcohol abuse in the town. We recently hit national newspapers that painted Wrexham in a bad light. Like every town in modern Britain, Wrexham has big problems that needs addressing. I would like to see people enjoy themselves in a safe and controlled way which ensures everyone has a good night out in the town. Wrexham is a great town for night entertainment. I would like to the Wrexham economy grow. However the night time economy has detrimental effects on the daytime economy due to the self-inflicted behaviour of some. I would like to see those who have a detrimental effect contribute to cleaning up after themselves and police costs.

18. Wrexham Council currently has two Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) in place in the town centre and Rhosddu area. How should anti social behaviour be tackled?

I think the council should be putting more pressure on the government to help tackle ASB. We can only achieve this in the schools and in the home. We need to educate young people to care for the community and have pride in their local area. I will work closely with police, schools and other means to combat ASB. However the fundamental resolution is with parents are carers.

19. New Psychoactive Substances are a recent well documented problem in and around town, what do you think is the solution?

I believe the solution is to bring in legislation to make them illegal. I am very anti psychoactive drugs. Those who use these drugs suffer both short term and long term. Making psychoactive drug illegal will not cure the problem. I believe we need to get to the bottom of why people feel the need to use them in the first place and help people find an alternative to these harmful substances. We need to address the heart of people the the emotional, physical and spiritual wealth being of people. Psychoactive substances are not the answer to people's problems they make the situation worse. We must take care of people so they are not introduced to this lifestyle choice.

20. Councillor pay, iPads as tools for the job, and allowances have all been topics of debate over the last few years. What is your view on this?

I do think councillors are paid too much. A councillor can earn up to £20,000. I would donate a percentage of my pay to local charities or businesses. I am not a big fan of technology, I like paper. The Council could use the money spend on IPads in a better way. To be honest I am a little old fashioned when it comes to spending money on things we don't need. In fact I am old fashioned in most things.

21. The ownership and operation of Plas Madoc Leisure Centre has been debated over recent years - where do you believe the responsibility for funding and running such public amenities should lie?

I think it's better managed by a private organisation.

22. What actions would you take, or support, as a councillor to encourage Welsh language use growth? Or, if you are against this, why?

I don't speak Welsh. Growing up with mainly English culture I have not been grateful affect by the Welsh language, but I have picked up a few words. I believe everyone born or living in the Wrexham area should have the choice to learn to speak Welsh or not to speak Welsh. Although Wrexham is in Wales we are also part of the United Kingdom which the official language is English. I believe schools should promote the use of the Welsh language but never force anyone to speak it. Everyone should have the freedom to choose to speak whatever language they feel most comfortable with, for me is it English.

23. Currently Wrexham Council webcast their Full Council, Executive Board and Planning meetings, and some Scrutiny. Would you like to see the webcasting system rolled out to cover all meetings and how else do you think the local authority could involve the public more in the democratic process?

I believe every democratic political system should have full public access to meetings. We need transparency so we are answerable to the people of Wrexham.

24. This will be the first time some people are old enough to vote, with that age limit possibly dropping in future. Candidates are on the whole older and male. What will you do to represent a more diverse viewpoint?

I believe that young people's voices are not listened to a lot of the time. Young people are often told they don't understand and don't have enough life experience. When I was younger I believed in things that I don't now and had views that I don't have now. True, young people change as they grow and discover new things. However this does not mean young people don't count or matter. Young people are the future of the UK we need to represent the views and concerns of young people.

25. What local activity have you taken part in over the last few months to improve your ward? Regardless of if you win, will you continue any such action that benefits your ward?

As a committed Christian I believe is it my role to do good to all people regards of who they vote for. I think we need more care and support for the elderly people. Recently I gave some wood to a local man who still has a coal fire. It is deeds such as this I will continue to do regardless of the result. I will also try to offer support for elderly people who do not have enough support. I have also been involved with youth work in the village. I was part of a local church youth club which provided children with a safe place to socialise.

In a few hundred characters to wrap this up, why should people vote for you?

If you would like a change in Llay and would like a councillor that will support and speak up for the local people, then vote for me. I will work to make Llay a cleaner, safer and more appealing place to work and live. I want to make a change for the better and I believe I am the right person for the role.

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