Statement of Nigel Williams

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Living in the local area all my life having originally been born in the Lodge, since then I have resided in Southsea, Caego before moving into our current house. I attended Brynteg infants and juniors before attending Grove Park Comprehensive.
I have lived in the same house for almost 19 years, married to my wife Caroline for almost 18yrs. We have one son Morgan who attends Ysgol Penrhyn New Broughton, of which I am on the board of Governors.
Having been a member of the Broughton Community Council for almost five years has given me an invaluable insight and understanding of the current issues regarding the local community. During this time, I had the privilege of serving and representing the community as Chairperson of the Community Council.
In 2013, New Broughton community centre was facing closure with council cut backs, I was one of the key individuals to organise a public meeting which in turn has helped keep the centre open. I am currently the chairperson of the management committee. Following years of neglect and with limited funds available, during 2014 myself and other volunteers redecorated and updated the inside of the centre to make a more welcoming environment. Since this refurbishment, we have organised numerous fundraising events to assist in the running and its upkeep.
Without this community based facility, local user groups such as WI, local playgroup and bowls would all cease to exist or be forced to relocate outside of the area.
Another role I have previously held was that of Special Constable for five years. Initially based in Wrexham, then covering the Broughton community area. I still work closely with the local PCSO's in the area through my role on the community council as local policing and community safety are very important to me.
As you can see, I am certainly a "Doer" and not just a "Talker" in local community issues, and believe I have the necessary experience to represent the residents of Southsea/Gwenfro.
Currently employed as a Financial Advisor working with the Armed Forces, prior to which (last Year), I worked for NatWest Bank, working my way up to Branch Manager level. The last five years with the bank I was employed as a Small Business Manager based in Wrexham. During this time, I worked closely with local accountancy firms, Wrexham Business Professionals and Wrexham council, delivering a monthly workshop to local Start-up companies offering advice.
I was also privileged to sit on the panel of the Start-up Loan Scheme covering the Wrexham area.
If successfully voted in as your local councillor, I would use my previous experience and knowledge to assist the local small business sector, thus developing the local economy.
Through standing as an Independent Councillor will allow me to make decisions that best represent the people of Southsea/Gwenfro. I do not want to be told by a National party from Cardiff or Westminster who have no idea where Southsea/Gwenfro is or the issues affecting it in which way to vote.
I live in the same community as do most of my extended family which I feel is very important. With this I share the same problems and issues as the rest of the residents, as well as the great things of living in Broughton community. In turn this gives me a vested interest in improving the area we all live in for the long term, especially as I have a young family growing up here.
I believe your hard-earned council tax should be spent equally and fairly across Wrexham, with Southsea/Gwenfro getting there "fair share"
I have already had confirmation of my position on the Community council for the next term, and promise to represent the local community to the best of my ability during this time.
Thank you for reading my profile, if I am successful I promise to serve the local community to the best of my ability, and would only be answerable to you.

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