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This is a candidate page for the Wrexham constituency – the full list of candidates are: Paul Ashton, Sarah Atherton, Charles Dodman, Becca Martin, Andrew Ranger, Tim Sly, Tim Morgan.

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Supplied bio / introduction:

Dear People of Wrexham

Having lived in Wrexham all my life I am passionate about making a difference in the area I’m proud to call home.

My family’s history of service and involvement in Wrexham has instilled in me a strong sense of responsibility and a passion for creating positive change. My grandfather, William Dodman, was Mayor of Wrexham and I am inspired to carry on my family legacy of representing the community as your candidate for the Reform party.
One of my main strengths is that I will always listen to what people need so that I can work towards improving the lives of the community I aim to represent.

I believe that my background in Management Sciences and as a Chartered Accountant will be invaluable in improving public services while keeping costs down for Wrexham residents.
Hospital waiting lists have hit a record high in Wales, there were over 760,000 patients on the list for treatment in October 2023. We have almost 4,500 applicants on the waiting list for social housing. Wrexham has the 6th highest crime rate in Wales. We deserve better!
By focusing on efficiency and cost-effectiveness we will improve essential services like healthcare, education and infrastructure. By reducing unnecessary bureaucracy and promoting transparency, the Reform party aims to ensure that public funds are used efficiently to benefit the community.

I am dedicated to addressing issues like high energy prices, which are higher in North Wales that the rest of the country, causing financial hardship to families and making it harder for our local businesses to remain competitive.
A stronger local economy will give a higher standard of living and create better opportunities for our young people.
Our policies for economic stimulus and job creation are important for our local community and to the financial future of the country.
The Reform Party’s commitment to lower taxes, improving local services and stimulating the economy will contribute to the overall prosperity and better services for the people of Wrexham.

I’m delighted that the Reform party has a robust plan for supporting the armed forces. Wrexham has a strong military presence and many residents have served or are connected to the armed forces. By increasing defence spending, improving equipment and raising basic pay we can show our appreciation for their sacrifices and contributions. With my family’s history in Wrexham I understand the significance of supporting the armed forces and aim to ensure they get the backing they need for their service and well-being.

I believe that my background and dedication make me the right choice to represent the interest of the people of Wrexham and hope that I can rely on their support in the upcoming election.

Charles Dodman

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