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Tonight Wrexham.com and The Bank Bar will be hosting our first ever Wrexham Tweet Up!

What is #WrexUp, and what is a Tweet Up?

At the time of writing Wrexham.com has around 5,200 followers on twitter. We would like to get a few of those in a room together with some free nibbles and cake, plus you can buy drinks at The Bank’s well stocked bar – including Wrexham Lager!

A ‘tweet up’ is a name for a social event focused around twitterers, however with #WrexUp there is the added theme that we are all interested in Wrexham in some way. If you imagine our twitter feed in ‘real life’ at the Bank Bar then you wont be far off.

Hopefully it will be a fun relaxing social evening, giving people the opportunity to meet new people and perhaps meet people in the flesh you only talk to on twitter!

Is it businessy, networking or like that?

NO! The idea is for wrexhamites or people interested in Wrexham (thats why you follow @wrexham right?) to meet up in a very relaxed manner. Its not a business meeting, nor is it for people to be suited and booted pressing business cards in everyones hands! There are a few people who run their own business, or run the twitter accounts for companies and they are very much welcome along however we would ask you to treat it as a social evening not a sales event.

Why do it?

Our twitter is full of interesting people, giving a great cross section of people interested in Wrexham. We have been to other similar events around the country and they have worked well. We dont know why its not been done before in Wrexham, so we thought why not give it a go! Hopefully people will have an enjoyable evening and meet some interesting people.

What should I wear/bring/do?

Be yourself, simple as that! You will need to be registered (see below for info!) to get in as we need to keep an eye on numbers but apart from that you dont have to bring or do anything.

Whats the plan then?

We will be at the Bank Bar on the High Street (opposite the Nationwide) from 7pm on August 29th. Pop along anytime from then on to have a drink, nibbles (if there are any left!) and a chat with fellow wrexhamites. You are welcome to come along for two minutes or two hours – whatever you like – the aim is to be social icon smile #WrexUp   Wrexhams First TweetUp

The Bank Bar does have Wrexham Lager on tap as well…!


This is a ticketed event, as if we make it an open invite in theory 4500 people could turn up. There are 100 tickets available , and you need to be 18 or over to come along.

Tickets are £2 and we will produce a custom nametag for you. There will be a few platters of nibbles provided, but that is first come first served!

We are using Twtvite to sort the ticketing, so please click here: http://twtvite.com/wrexhamdotcom to secure your ticket now!

If you want to bring a friend who doesn’t use twitter, or does but doesn’t follow us (why not?!) then get them a ticket as well and they are more than welcome!