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Farndon & Holt Free Ancestry Weekend at Crewe By Farndon

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Jul 3rd, 2017.

Crewe by Farndon Community and Family Church are opening their doors for a whole weekend 29th & 30th July 10am – 6pm so that anyone with roots in the area and / or the Methodist Church can review a large number of documents and deeds detailing the history of the Chapel.

The Chapel was built in 1858 and has always been made up of families and members from both sides of the border, we have high definition scans and original documents listing names, addresses, occupations and in some cases dates of death and location of graves.

We are currently logging the basic details to provide as an online resource which will identify all surnames as a starting point. 29th July is 100 years since the death of Pte John Shaw in WW1 memoralised in the Chapel.

An opportunity for any amateur historians out there to see 150 years of records. Further details www.crewebyfarndonmethodistchapel.org

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