WREXHAMdotcom Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-15

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, May 15th, 2011.

  • SPOTTED: A horse outside Wetherspoons…I presume the barman asked "Why the long face?" http://imageshack.us/m/29/4506/horsespoons.jpg #
  • Wrexham.com tips slovenia to win. Thats mike n robs choice anyway…. #
  • Sun now out in the town after that downpour. Who got caught out in it? #
  • The heavens have opened in Wrexham, torrential rain! Argh #
  • SPOTTED: A man walking through Wrexham in Superman gear. Is it the Man of Steel himself or Fathers for Justice? http://yfrog.com/gznuyghj #
  • Mike and Rob from Wrexham.com having a touch of lunch at Frankie n Bennys in Eagles Meadow #
  • Wrexham.com is currently at Pat Derosas garage sorting a MOT! #
  • A483 bypass northbound between B5445 and A55 seen reports of heavier than usual congestion ie. Old road / posthouse into chester area. #
  • had reports of the police helicopter being up over Acton for a while last night, did anyone see anything? #
  • Stephanie Booth suprises no one by announcing she is not bidding for Wrexham FC. Fans group WST say they never had a solid proposal from her #
  • To repeat – Wrexham FC has *NOT* been sold. There are three bids in though and decision soon. Firm source on this. #
  • Wrexham FC has NOT been sold. There are three bids in though and decision soon. Firm source on this. #
  • Dean Saunders reportedly says Wrexham FC has been sold in a post-match interview. No mention who to. Trying to firm up now… #
  • Follow the second half of #wrexhamfc v Luton on RedPassions live match thread WFC need 3 goals … http://bit.ly/jcAJGh come on you reds! #
  • 1-1 in Wrexham v Luton. Thats 1-4 overall. A big big ask for WFC now. #
  • Wrexham still 1-0 and we have missed a pen. Argh. #
  • Wrexham 1-0 up at Luton need two more to level it. Game on! #
  • Massive game for Wrexham FC tonight, 3-0 down to overturn. It is doable! Come on your reds! #wrexhamfc #
  • Wrexham.com quick poll – essex or chelsea? This will make no sense if you dont watch crap tv ;) #
  • thankfully the stormy weather has died down a touch, did anyone else spot lightning over Wrexham earlier? #scarytimes #
  • A rumble of thunder rolls out over Wrexham…! #
  • Fire engine and police cars zooming down towards Borras, any ideas what is going on? #

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