WREXHAMdotcom Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-10

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, Apr 10th, 2011.

  • Blue skies and lovely evening in Wrexham http://twitpic.com/4jbgae great end to a wonderful day! #
  • Wrexham.com people will be in town today for a nose about – if you see us come and say hi! #
  • sitting in the garden waiting for the #WrexhamFC commentary to start on Radio Wales, how are other people spending this sunny day? ^LR #
  • Check out http://www.wrexham.com skycam live! Getting a higher res one soon. Also looking for sites in town for some if you know anyone! #
  • Beautiful day in Wrexham, what's everyone planning for the weekend? Any tips for the National?? ^–^MR #
  • . @fezbob heard similar but a swan attacking! There is a youtube clip from Peter Ian Staker! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koU01Ah_MrY in reply to fezbob #
  • RT @jamesbwxm at the hugmore lane turning. Don't know what happened, but there's plenty of police, fire and ambulances up there. #
  • RT @jamesbwxm: BIG smash on the a534, Industrial Estate access blocked. #wrexham #
  • Local football forum RedPassion.co.uk is back up after several hours downtime and a server move http://www.redpassion.co.uk #
  • Testing tweets via text on wrexham.coms new blackberry…. #
  • 'common sense has prevailed' by asking for a further consultation says Pritchard. KFC mentioned, countering wcbcs healthy eating apparently! #
  • a councillor describes a possible public perception of the council as a 'corperate fagin dipping its hand in peoples pockets'…! #
  • A member says it is 'abit rich' for council to advise consultations if the council have ignored them before. #
  • 'it is a pretty poor report' says a councillor goes on and says 'contains no evidence that objectives will be achieved' #
  • First pro parking charges speaker – Dutton – but no answers to points raised apart from more cars in Wrexham than 1800s. No joke! #
  • Booth applauds, chair says 'no'. Booth says 'ooh am I not allowed to clap?' #
  • Neil Rogers says 'is not convinced' by the report. 'sometimes you have to say we have got it wrong' suggests that needs to happen today #
  • Counter arguement: People will go to chester if these charges come in. This whole report should be filed until economic situation improves. #
  • Updating noted stuff now due to tweeting restrictions….. #
  • Council thanks public for attending. Decsion not made today, but will be refered to further consultation and future report. #
  • Been told I cant 'transmit anything from the meeting' so will queue up and send after….catch you in abit… #
  • Propsed ammendment is street charges will be consulted further and presentation to town center forum in the future. #
  • No part of the proposals will affect disabled blue badge holders. Recomendation is being ammended…. #
  • That is the officers report complete. Booths ipad being passed about , not had a go on it today. Looked like emails not angry birds! #
  • Council propose charging on carparks for an extra hour and introduce a 'nominal evening charge'. #
  • History lesson being given,apparently existing offstreet is at a good capacity and spread and pricing wont be affected 'at the present time' #
  • Parking management report now to be discussed by councillors. Problem with mics… #
  • 'no decent or public applause…' chairman says, booth wants to 'just say two words'…but is told 'no' and she shuts up. #
  • 'stagnation and betrayal' is gets goahead. Free parking since 1800s in Wrexham. Statement ends to applause. #
  • Oooh, scrutiny comittee and exec committee has had paragraphs added to gloss the issue. Free after 3 in chester not in wrex. #
  • Apparently council report says parking charges 'increases consumer confidence' and saves energy. Laughable! #
  • 'wrexham shopping tax' is label given to it. Council cant spend rev generated on anything but carpark and related stuff! #
  • Agenda for parking moved forward, Lesley Taylor now speaking saying 21 empty stalls and more empty shops. #
  • Selection of local traders and landlords here however due to the short notice period only one can speak… #
  • Pretty packed meeting at Wrexham Guild Hall for the parking charges meeting. Cameras allowed before meeting but not during. #
  • In guildhall now just heard 'Stephanie Booth on way here with a camera crew'….! #
  • Off to the guildhall soon to cover the parking charges meeting. Will try and live tweet. ^RT #
  • Morning Wrexham!! Do you have a story you want everyone to know about? You can post it on wrexham.com here – http://bit.ly/eomZhY #
  • looks like we're officially into April, grey skies over Wrexham. Anyone doing anything interesting to brighten their day?^LR #
  • Would anyone watch The Only Way Is Wrexham ? #

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