WREXHAMdotcom Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-03

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Sunday, Apr 3rd, 2011.

  • Happy Mothers Day to all, even if you are not a mother! Did you get your mum anything, or is it a last min trip to tesco?! #
  • poor game today at the Racecourse, #WrexhamFC lost 2-0. The loss was allegedly caused by our reporter RT playing away at Goodison Park ;)^LR #
  • A @WREXHAMdotcom reporter is fleeing to London for the weekend, unable to handle all the speculation around Wrexham FC :s #
  • Press Release in todays newpapers: Wrexham town is now changing its name to Wrexham.com council spokesperson confirms. RT to spread word! #
  • Press Release in todays newpapers: Wrexham now changing its name to Wrexham.com council spokesperson confirms. RT to spread word! #
  • New on the site: http://www.wrexham.com/news/glyndwr-university-launches-5m-centre-creative-industries-124.html #wrexham #glyndwr #
  • just typed up an article on the launch of @GlyndwrUni 's Centre of Creative Industries after a very busy day, should be up soon^LR #
  • LLPD aka Wrexham Police Helicopter out over the town fighting the wind, and hopefully crime! http://plixi.com/p/88301620 ^rt #
  • Counting parking spaces in Wrexham ^rt #
  • Blue skies in Wrexham and a crazy 14c http://plixi.com/p/88295477 ! #
  • It's like a who's who of Wrexham people in here we've got the Mayor and Mayoress, the MP and AM, Council Leader and even Les Evans^LR #
  • will be attending the opening of @GlyndwrUni 's new Creative Industries building today, should have a report up this evening^LR #
  • Some cloud today, with showers around wrexham. High of 15c and low of 10c. Least no deicing cars anymore! ^rt #
  • We are slowly building up Wrexham.com – latest bit is the submission service ideal for PR's News & Features http://www.wrexham.com/submit/ ! #
  • Overcast and rain today boo! ^RT #
  • Wrexham grab an equaliser 1-1! Around nine mins plus added time to play. #wrexhamfc #wrexham #
  • Tamworth 1 Wrexham 0. Argh. #wrexhamfc go behind ! #
  • Wrexham FC 0-0 with Tamworth at halftime, sounds like a battle! #wrexhamfc #wrexham #
  • Wrexham currently 0-0 away to Tamworth – I am 'watching' via Redpassion – http://www.redpassion.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=72699 ! ^RT #
  • Wrexham FC & Social Networking star @SmithChristian4 is currently in ASDA! http://yfrog.com/h4pqoaxj #
  • Car in for MOT & brakepads at Pat Derosa's Plas Acton garage on Chester Road. Always great service and price! /plug ^RT #
  • Washing it down with some Mountain Dew, who knew you could still get your hands on Mountain Dew in #Wrexham ! #MR #
  • Wrexhamdotcom has just uncovered a revelation! The Thai Noodle Bar on Chester Street is beyond yummy. #MR #
  • Chilly morning in Wrexham, time for a warming coffee (or strawberry latte) at Wrexham.com HQ what's happening in Wrexham today guys?? #MR #
  • Wrexhamdotcom is writing an article soon to be published on the website…..watch this space! #MR #
  • Opening this twitter accounts to a mini team of Wrexhamites so hope to get more frequent updates! #

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