Win a Wrexham Tenner

A genuine Wrexham Tenner that could be yours! readers are an important source of information to us, and as we live in a vibrant area that always has something happening day and night we often rely on you to keep us informed.

To liven it up a little we will pick the best interaction of the week , so if you see something going on and email/tweet us a pic, post something useful to the forums or get in touch about a story , that kind of thing, its all in contention to win a ‘wrexham tenner’.

A ‘wrexham tenner’ is a real life ten pound note. The first was used for the picture above!

Its worth saying we like stuff that comes in fast, we love pictures and video, or if something is insightful or just hilarious! We dont want to be too strict, as you are on our site you probably know a little about the type of stuff we do – so use that as a guide.

We have got some goodies on order as well so from the end of May we will be offering a ‘ Goody Bag’ alongside the ‘ tenner’  – pics to follow when they turn up!

Simple is often best, so here are the ‘rules’: Interactions must be via one of the ways listed above, and soley to us rather than cc’ing in the world. PR stuff wont count. You must be able to pick up your prize from our news desk in Wrexham town centre when we are there (which is most week days if we are not out and about!).’s decicion is final, and by that we mean whoevers on the news desk not the domain itself ;-)

PLUS as an added bonus if you take a picture of you spending the ‘Wrexham Tenner’ in or around town and send it in to us we will do a draw every six months to win £100!

So what are you waiting for? Tweet us @wrexham , email or use the web form to submit a story! Or get over to our forums and join in the chat!


Previous Winners

Week Eleven: Rachael Lattanzi won this week’s tenner for submitting a grid picture showing the stages of a car fire being extinguished on Wrexham Industrial Estate.

Week Ten: forum user cmaj76 wins for their post regarding the opening of the new Wrexham Industrial Estate link road, which prompted the following defence from Wrexham Council.

Week Nine: Robert Stead won for tipping us off to a car which was stolen and set alight just metres from a children’s playground in Caia Park

Week Eight: @FotoFireLtd was awared this week’s tenner after notifying us and sending in pictures of the shocking scenes at Halford’s where car smashed into the side of the building.

Week Seven: Elliot Jones is our latest winner after he helped us break the story of how a train travelling through Wrexham was forced to come to an emergency stop after narrowly missing a pedestrian

Week Six: Rachel Bostock won for submitting pictures of a car arson attack in Marchwiel.

Week Five: A Twitter user was awarded this week’s Wrexham Tenner for notifying us about two arson attacks on pubs in Coedpoeth overnight, thankfully no-one was hurt in either attack.

Week Four: Simon Cooke won for tipping us off via Twitter to the dramatic scenes at Wrexham Guildhall where a bomb scare took place after a man placed a suspicious package in one of the committee rooms. The suspect was later found to be armed with an imitation firearm and bladed object.

Week Three: @wrexham follower Kimberley Mason sent in a brilliant photo of the dramatic scenes in Hope where a bus went up in flames, which we used on our article.

Week Two: forum user “tiger-lily” is our winner this week for an interesting thread on the Cefn Road speed limit, which later turned into a widely read article on our site.

Week One: Fleur Leslie was the worthy winner of the inaugural Wrexham Tenner for her picture of a voting duck, sent to us during our local election live updates.