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Wrexham Roller Derby

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Saturday, May 31st, 2014.

The hottest and fastest girls in town are ready for their first game.Over the past 12 months Wrexham Rejects, the town’s local roller derby team have been working to prepare for the biggest party of the year – their birthday bout on June 21st.

Swansea opponents “Reaper Rollergirls” are fierce and feisty and out for a win after their defeat in the Heartlands tournament against the “Wirral Whipiteres”, but the Rejects are fresh and fired up for their biggest challenge yet. They will not be giving them an easy ride and will be digging deep to defend Glyndwr for their first win.

Never heard of roller derby? Roller derby is an amazing, high speed, full contact sport played on roller skates. There are two teams of 5 on the track, with only 1 person from each team – The Jammer – able to score points. Points are scored by lapping the other players – known as Blockers.

This might sound easy, however to lap the Blockers they have to first get through the tight walls that the Blockers form! This is where the full contact comes in! The skaters involved are athletes and train hard every week. They wear their bruises and scars with pride.
Roller Derby games are awesome to watch. They have an incredible atmosphere, with loud music, stalls, plenty of cake and games all organised and ran by the skaters. A lot of work is being put into the Rejects game.

The first game of the day will start around 1pm and is a “cherry popping” bout, featuring some of the newest and brightest roller derby talents battling it out for the first time in front of a crowd.

The main event will be the cracking battle between Wrexham Rejects A Team, the Raggy Dolls against Swansea’s Reaper Rollergirls.

Doors open at Midday on 21st June at Glyndwr Sports Centre. Tickets are available online at http://cherrybomb.brownpapertickets.com and are priced at just £5 for adults, £3.50 for students and 12-17 year olds. Under 12s go free! Buying your tickets online will give you a free programme as memorabilia. Tickets can be purchased on the door but will be limited.

See www.facebook.com/wrexhamrejects for more information and send some likes to your local roller girls!

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