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Kevin Wilkin Unveiled As New Wrexham FC Manager – Press Conference & Your Reaction

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Mar 20th, 2014.

Kevin Wilkin has made his debut appearance as Wrexham FC’s new manager at a press conference this afternoon.

Early this morning Wrexham FC tweeted to say they would be announcing their new manager today. A press conference (pictures below) also took place at the Racecourse at 2pm.

Twitter went crazy with speculation on who the new manager may be, with many pointing out that Nuneaton Town had announced that Kevin Wilkin had left his managerial role at the club.

Shortly after this at 10:20am, Wrexham FC confirmed that Kevin Wilkin is the club’s new manager. You can read our full story / coverage from this morning here.

A statement released by the club said: ““We are delighted to announce Kevin Wilkin as the new manager of Wrexham Football Club, who joins us from divisional counterparts Nuneaton Town on a two-year deal that will run until the end of season 2015/16.

“This is an exciting time at the football club and we believe we are putting together a team that will bring us the success we all crave at Wrexham FC. Your continued support for the team is very much appreciated; let’s roar the team on to success together.”

Kevin Wilkin made his debut appearance this afternoon at a press conference at the Racecourse.

Kevin Wilkin

Speaking at the press conference, Wilkin said: “When I was offered the position, it was a no brainer.” He added: “I hope I’ve left a legacy and Nuneaton and wish I will build another one at Wrexham.”


Wilkin also said he wants to get Wrexham FC into the football league , and is prepared to put his arm around players, as well as giving them a ‘rollicking’.

At the conference it was also announced that Barry Horne has taken on a new ‘part-time’ job at the club, which will see him take on the role of ‘Head of Football Operations’.

Underneath we have compiled just some of the reaction on Twitter to the news this morning:





Although it would seem Wikipedia broke the news before anyone else…:



Prior to the announcement there was some interesting speculation as to who the new manager may be:



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