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Wrexham FC fan favourite Glen Little has signed a new one year deal with the club.

The 36 year old midfielder had courted interest from league clubs, however opted to stay with the reds for another year.

It is understood that as well as playing Little will also take on a coaching role.

His naturally skilled style of football and scarf twirling antics (see above) won the hearts of Wrexham fans last season including the team.

Glen is a regular fixture around the town and can often be spotted in Starbucks (other coffee shops are available).

As well as Wrexham’s café owners reds player-manager Andy Morrell was also keen to keep him on after his starring role in several of their big games.

After signing his contract the former Burnley and Reading man said he was already looking forward to starting the new season.

He said: “I was just looking forward to re-signing with Wrexham, but then a couple of other clubs also made me offers.

“I really didn’t want to let anyone down and having thought long and hard about it, Wrexham was my choice.

“At my age I wasn’t expecting such interest, but I know I can play at this level and make a contribution.

“Now I just can’t wait for the new season to start, usually you want a few weeks off to yourself, but after the Luton match I just wanted to go straight into the next one!”