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Star Gazing Guide for Wrexham April 2013

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Apr 1st, 2013.

April sees the best visible eclipse of the year. On April 25th the partial lunar eclipse will reach its maximum at 9:08 pm when you will be able to see a tiny nick taken out of the moons top edge with only 1% of the moon covered by the Earth’s shadow 2013 does not have the best lunar eclipses!

Planets on view in April
Jupiter is still bright in the sky during April, and sets in the west around midnight each night. The real treat in April though is the presence of Saturn. Found in the constellation of Libra, Saturn is at opposition on the 28th April and is visible all night. Looking through a small telescope you should be able to see its rings and Titan, its biggest moon. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus and Neptune are all too close to the sun to be visible this month.

Keep and eye out for….
On April 14th Jupiter will be extremely close to the crescent moon.

An added Extra:
Whilst there will be a meteor shower in April it will probably be spoilt by the bright moonlight this year. On April 21/22 it will be the peak of the Lyrid Meteor shower which consists of particles from the Comet Thatcher.

Moon dates:
New Moon – 10th April
Full Moon – 25th April

We hope you have found this guide useful – If there is anything you would like us to add to the guide or to our star-gazing coverage in general then please let us know!
We would also love some of your pictures of what you spot in the sky when your star-gazing so we can put together a gallery at the end of the month of all the best pictures, feel free to email them news@wrexham.com or tweet us @wrexham.

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