To help get to know who is behind we are creating mini profiles in the style of ‘myWrexham’ for each.

1. What is your name and what do you do?

Michael Roberts. Amongst other things I am one of the spearheads of, my passions lie in writing Features & Opinion pieces. More broadly I like to take a view on what’s going on around the country and see how this effects the people of Wrexham.

2. How long have you been in and around Wrexham?

I was born & raised in the town, but have ventured out for university and various other pursuits. But to answer the question, pretty much 26 years!!

3.What do you think sets Wrexham apart from other towns and cities?

There’s more history and heritage than people give Wrexham credit for. We tend to overlook the history behind St. Giles Church, Erddig Hall and other great landmarks which shape the identity of the town. We also have some great local businesses and people running them who are passionate about reinvigorating Wrexham as a friendly market town with quality local produce.

4. What is your favourite landmark?

There are quite a few but I’d have to go with Erddig Hall simply for the history & grandeur.

5. What is your favourite place to visit or favourite thing to do in the local area?

Aside from golf, I love to visit some of the local pubs and sample the beers! With all seriousness, we have some fantastic local pubs, both in the town centre and in countryside locations. Occasionally I might make a trip down to the Racecourse to see the mighty reds but only if they’re winning.

6. If you had to pick your best memory connected to Wrexham, what would it be?

I can’t choose just one!! I think it would have to be all the times of celebration – bonfires & fireworks at the rugby club or Bellevue Park, Christmas time and everything between. The people of Wrexham know how to unite, have a good time and enjoy each other’s company and that’s what I love to be a part of.

7. Where would you recommend a visitor to the town to get a bite to eat/or drink?

Ooh there’s lots of choice. There’s Cafe Verdi on Henblas St, La Baguette and Kristina’s Cafe for lunches. For the more discerning beer drinker I’d recommend the Royal Oak pub on the High Street who have some great beers on tap.

8. What’s your favourite shop in Wrexham and why?

There are so many great local shops. Broomfields on Charles St, Alf Jones Cycles in Gresford but the one I probably visit the most is Covent Garden Grocers.

9. Are there any niggles you have about the town at the moment?

Like most of the country Wrexham has some sizeable challenges ahead. We need to see more local people given the chance to set up their own business in the town, and definitely more work for young people. I suppose my main gripe is the lack of pride some people have for the town – there are plenty of worse places to live, plus we have lots to be proud of so don’t talk Wrexham down, believe in it, and maybe you’ll feel a lot more positive for doing so.

10. What one thing makes you proud to be from Wrexham?

I think the fact that Wrexham is always a part of you whether you grow up in the town or just live here for a short period of time. It always has a gravitational pull, which means we’re doing something right. People may not always show their pride for the town but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some underlying affection for it (and that may well apply to me!).


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