To help get to know who is behind we are creating mini profiles in the style of ‘myWrexham’ for each.

Liam Randall:

1. What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Liam Randall and I’m a reporter for

2. How long have you been in or around Wrexham?

I’ve lived in the Little Acton area of Wrexham since I was born.

3. What do you think sets Wrexham apart from other towns & cities?

The people of Wrexham, sometimes we’re much maligned, but I’ve met a lot of great people in the town over the years many of whom are very passionate about the place.

4. What is your favourite Wrexham landmark?

In terms of somewhere which means a lot to me emotionally it would have to be the Racecourse Ground, a lot of my happiest memories are of watching Wrexham FC. The parish church is a close second as it’s an iconic building and is steeped in a lot of history.

5. What is your favourite place to visit, or favourite thing to do in the local area?

Whenever Wrexham FC are playing at home on a Saturday I have a ritual of going to Kristinas Café by the old Kwik Save for large cooked breakfast before heading to the Racecourse for the match. Visiting both of those places is probably the highlight of my week.

6. If you had to pick your best memory connected with Wrexham, what would it be?

It’s a fairly recent one, but marching through town to raise money for the football club players’ wages comes to mind, it was heart warming to see so many people who still care for the club putting their money in and rallying round, that just shows the spirit of the town to me.

7. Where would you recommend to a visitor to the town to get a bite to eat and/or a drink?

The Pant Yr Ochain does very good quality food, for an Indian you can’t beat Anise, Chinese I’d go for the Sleepy Panda, for lunches Brambles sandwich shop is always good and if you want a decent fried breakfast you can’t beat Kristinas. I think that’s most angles covered!

8. What is your favourite shop in Wrexham, and why?

Moonlight Records, it’s one of the last independent music stores in the area after Phase One Records went under years ago and I’ve been going there for CDs and DVDs since I was a kid.

9. Is there anything that niggles you about the town at the moment?

My only real gripes are the number of out of town retail parks, which draw people away from independently owned stores in the town centre and searching for Wrexham on social networking sites and finding people putting the town down, although the latter isn’t a gripe with the town itself.

10. What one thing makes you proud to be from Wrexham?

Wrexham FC

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