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The Real China Wrexham – The Review

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Apr 15th, 2013.


This lunchtime three of us from Wrexham.com HQ decided to forgo our usual Try Thai, pork baps and various other locally sorted lunch options and venture to the newly opened ‘The Real China’ in Eagles Meadow.

We exclusively revealed back in May that there was a new Chinese restaurant due to come to Eagles Meadow, and followers of our @wrexham twitter account will be more than aware of people trying it since it opened.

The Real China is below the Ten Pin Bowling in Eagles Meadow, the frontage previously being dedicated to local photographer Les Evans. Les has now made way for the surprisingly big restaurant inside, which has room for a reception style area at the front and two areas of tables behind , with a teppanyaki to the rear.

The interior is clean and welcoming.

The interior is really nice,  clean and welcoming.

On entering there were a couple of people confused about how things operate, however we can clear this up! You will get shown to a table, where a drinks order will be taken and it is game on!

The usual buffet rules apply, you grab a plate and load up on what you fancy. One of our party did get confused by what was on offer and said that they would prefer ‘better labeling’, however we did point out that there were signs above where he was looking.

Two food islands had several dishes laid out before us, with the expected fare of egg fried rice, noodles and prawn crackers alongside the more substantial mains and starters. Not that we ate in a particular order, but there were starters of spring rolls, sesame prawn toast and onion rings on offer. We tried all, and they were tasty.

Moving on to the mains, the Chicken Curry was quite mild, with the sweet and sour chicken very tangy. Our favorite was the beef in black bean sauce which was really good. Overall there were several mains on offer, with options of fruit salads for desert. The drinks menu appeared long, and there was a refillable soft drink option which was value for money.

Drinks selection is quite varied, thats why we opted for a standard Tiger.

Drinks selection is quite varied, thats why we opted for a standard Tiger.

It is worth noting we were unsure what we were expecting, would it be more towards a Sleepy Panda-esque meal , or something more towards a traditional takeaway. We are pleased to say its well towards the Sleepy Panda on the scale but not at a similar price.

The restaurant is obviously new and is attracting a fair number of people to eat. As a result the turnover of dishes is quite high, and the staff were very good at refilling the buffet and keeping things as fresh as possible. Like most buffets the quality can vary dependent on how long the food has been out, so as long as the freshness and quality stays high we will be happy!

Round 1. Taste everything once.

Round 1. Taste everything once.

The pricing is very straightforward, as it is an all you can eat style buffet for a fixed price. The pricing is split between lunch and dinner, with our lunches costing £5.95 each. Dinner would cost £11.95, with weekends costing about £1 more on top. We ended up having ten plates of food between us and a bowl of soup.

We will be trying the dinner servings to see what else you get for your money, which with the Teppanyaki bar closed for us, we expect that is the added bonus!

The order slip with each meal.

The order slip with each meal.

The Real China is open Monday to Friday 11:10am to 3:30pm, and Saturdays midday to 4pm for Lunch. Dinner opening times are 5:30pm-10:30pm Monday to Thursday, with Friday and Saturday serving dinner 6-11:30pm. Sundays are open midday to 10pm.

Thanks for reading this review, we are off for a nap as we are that stuffed but be warned if you go, you will wonton come back!

UPDATE ONE: This review has sparked some debate on our forums – have a read and let us know what you thought by clicking here!

UPDATE TWO: This review and subsequent forum debate has resulted in a reply from Michael Yang from The Real China who has issued this statement via our Forums – view it here.


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