What Is The Phone Number To Claim Milk Tokens?

Milk tokens can be claimed by individuals through a scheme knows as the Healthy Start initiative. This scheme allows individuals to claim free vouchers that entitle individual to claim free milk, fresh fruit, vegetables, vitamins and infant formula milk. This scheme was introduced as a replacement for the Welfare Food Scheme that was previously in action.

There is certain criteria in place that states who will be eligible for the milk tokens. In order to be in the position to claim an individual must have at least one child under the age of five and they must also be receiving income support, jobseekers allowance or child tax credit. It is important to note that the working tax credit does not qualify individuals to claim the milk token. If the annual income is below the stated threshold and the benefits are not being claimed, a family may be in the position to claim the milk tokens. Women who are under the age of eighteen and pregnant may also be in the position to claim.

The milk tokens can be used in retailers that are participating in the scheme, this includes numerous supermarkets, corner shops, chemists, market stalls, greengrocers and milkmen. People can see who is participating in the scheme by looking out for the Healthy Start logo being displayed.

Individuals can apply for the milk tokens by completing an application form, this should then be sent off to the local authority department. This will ask numerous questions on the personal circumstances of the claimant. An online form is also available for people wishing to claim using the Internet, this is the quickest form of claiming.

Another way to claim is by telephone on the number 0845 607 6823.

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