What is the Ministry of Justice?

The Ministry of Justice is one the largest government departments – employing over 95,000 members of staff and juggling a budget of just over ?9.2 billion. Every single year over nine million UK citizens use the services provided from criminal, through to civil justice.

The Ministry of Justice is responsible for all parts of the justice system from regulation through to imprisonments and reform. They also work in conjunction with over government departments to help further support the public and victims of crime.

The department is also responsible for creating new laws, modernising the constitution and strengthening democracy.

The Ministry of Justice are also responsible for the regulation of claims management service, this includes, authorizing companies who provide claim managements service and monitoring them to ensure that they are operating and complying with the regulatory rules.

Under the Compensation Act 2006, any claims management company that isn’t authorised to operate by the regulator can be prosecuted.

The Ministry of Justice also provides guidance and information to claims management companies, legal practitioners and consumers on all aspects of the regulatory rules.

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