What Is The Education Act?

The education act is a significant act that makes legislation around the education of youngsters within the UK. Having been developed in 1870 the act has been modernised throughout the years in order to keep legislation up to date. The authorities that monitor this act differ through regions, although in local areas it is generally the responsibility of local government authorities. The monitoring body that regulates education throughout the UK is Ofsted, this body generally regulates primary and secondary schools within the country. Strict targets and measures must be met by the education providers as stated by the education act, failure to do so can result in significant steps being taken, with the ultimate sanction resulting in a school being closed down.

Voluntary school are allowed to operate as they wish but the act stipulates that school boards should be in place in order to manage the schools. These boards are generally appointed by the local authority.

The education act is mainly in place in order stipulate minimum standards that the education providers must meet. These are generally created in line with the national curriculum which is created by the education department of the central government. This curriculum has been created in order to ensure that children receive the same education regardless of the education establishment that they attend, it also provides teachers with a structure to follow. It is the responsibility of the management of schools to ensure that the national curriculum is followed, different abilities have been created to ensure that different levels of education and ability are catered for.

The regulatory board Ofsted will inform a school when they intend to inspect the teaching and the general upkeep of a school, this includes checking the behaviour on children within classes and between classes. Some schools may have numerous inspections and some of these may be on the basis of spot checks.

If a school does not meet the requirements of the board on the first inspection they will be issued of a note stating how they are breaking the education act. The school will then be required to improve in accordance with the breaches. A further inspection will then be carried out in order to determine whether improvements have been made. If they have not, the school may be placed in

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