What Is The Consumer Goods Act?

The consumer goods act has been created in order to protect consumers within the UK society. The act stipulates the rights of consumers in regards to products or services that they have purchased. The law gives consumers certain rights in regards to products that have been bought and they are faulty or they are not as described.

The regulation board within the UK is the Office of Fair Trading and they hold the responsibility of following up any queries or complaints in relation to breaching the act.

When a consumer purchases goods within the UK they have certain rights that protect the consumer by law if the product or service is faulty or if it is deemed to have failed to meet certain standards. The protection in place for consumers is dependent upon the different prices or products that have been bought.

The law states that when a product is bought by a consumer that product must be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and as described. If these descriptions are not met by the product that has been supplied then the consumer is legally in a position for a repair, replacement or refund.

In order to return a product to a shop the purchaser must have some form of proof of purchase, this may be a receipt, a bank statement, the shop

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