What Is The Computer Misuse Act?

The computer misuse act was introduced within the UK in 1990 after the rapid explosion of use of computer and IT equipment within the country, The act was created in accordance with the provision for securing computer material against the unauthorised access or modification of the material. Organisations can take individuals to court and organisations can be taken to court if the act is found to have been broken. This is an act of high importance within the modern day, with the use of IT on the increase as ever. The guidelines for the act were created whist considering the EU guidelines that are in place.

This act outlines three matters that have now become criminal offences if they are broken, these were supported by the government and the act was introduced in 1990. The unauthorised access to computer material has become a punishable offence under the act, a six month imprisonment sentence can be imposed or a fine with a maximum limit of

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