What is CICA?

CICA stands for Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, it is a government organisation which pays compensation to people who have been injured mentally or physically in an incident where they were a blameless victim of a violent crime. The organisation carries out its role in England, Scotland and Wales. As this is a government organisation, CICA is part of the Ministry of Justice. The headquarters for the organisation is located within Glasgow, Scotland and there are over 450 employees.

CICA offers a free service to victims of violent crimes and therefore the service is recommended by many. Obviously CICA is aware that the financial compensation provided to victims can never fully compensate the individual of a traumatic event. The financial support is provided to help victims rebuild their lives and hopefully helps them to move on from the event. CICA aims to provide a fast and also efficient service to anybody who uses their services, all employees are well aware of the delicate situations which may need to be discussed. Anybody who is considering CICA can be rest assured that all cases are treat with the strictest confidentiality. In order to use the services of CICA, individuals will first be required to check whether they are eligible.

A person will be eligible if they have been injured seriously enough to be rewarded the lowest compensation award of

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