What compensation can you get for police assault?

If an incident has occurred where an individual has been assaulted by the police and this has been proven, then the victim may be eligible to claim compensation from CICA. Obviously such cases are handled with care and with a great deal of confidentiality. Due to the nature of the case the police must be proven to have attacked unlawfully. If there is substantial evidence to support a case then compensation may be paid out by CICA.

In order for compensation to be paid out, the individuals must first ensure they are eligible and also complete the application. In order to be eligible the incident must have occurred in England, Scotland or Wales in the last two years. There are numerous other criteria which should be checked before applying. Victims are also informed that if they do hold a criminal record it is likely that a percentage of their compensation will be deducted.

Compensation is awarded on a Tariff award scheme, there are levels 1 to 25. If a case is rated at level 1 the victim will receive

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