What Are The Rules For Blue Badges?

The Blue Badge scheme has been created in order to help people with sever mobility problems. The Blue Badge that is provided to some motorists that mobility problems will allow them to park close to where they need to go. The scheme operates throughout the UK and is operated by local authorities in different areas. The local government authorities will have a department that will deal with the applications for the scheme and they are responsible for issuing the badges.

Misuse of the Blue Badge will result in it being removed and different potential convictions are in place. It is an offence to allow anybody else to use the blue badge that has been issued. This includes cases where the badge owner has asked somebody else to do something on their behalf while they stay at home, this will result in the badge being removed. Allowing friends or family to use the badge so that they can park for free is also strictly forbidden; even in cases where the badge holder is being visited by them. Letting non-disable people taken advantage of the benefits of the badge while the badge holder is in the car is also against the rules.

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