What Are My Rights After Being Hurt At Work?

It is the duty of all employers to provide all employees with a safe working environment. There are strict health and safety laws in place to protect both employers and employees. There are also working time regulations which have been made legislation in order to prevent injuries and accidents in the work place. Despite regulations being in place, every year there are still a large amount of accidents in the workplace which occur. Although many of these result in successful compensation pay outs, some accidents are not even taken forward to gain compensation. It is vital that workers know their rights, this way they know exactly where they stand in relation to the processes which occur when somebody has been hurt at work.

One of the key pieces of information to be aware of if hurt at work is that if there is any sign of negligence then a compensation claim may be possible to make. Negligence on the side of the organisation which can be proved is almost certain to bring a successful compensation. Employees hurt at work have the legal rights to pursue a claim against an employer if they have been injured.

Employees have the right to claim compensation for the injuries caused and also loss of earnings. Compensation can also be claimed for special circumstances, such as to fund private treatment.

Employers who know they are guilty are likely to settle a claim outside of court in order to avoid any negative press which is likely to follow a court case. Although if an employer does choose to go to court then the employee should contact a compensation claims firm who will represent them. Large amounts of evidence will need to be provided in a court case in order to demonstrate negligence on the side of the organisation.

In the past there have been many successful claims brought against employers due to negligence. It does not matter how large or small an organisation is, all must meet the same legislations. It is unusual for cases to reach the court stages as organisation realize how there can be a huge impact on their public appearance. People who have been injured at work must know their rights, and gather any relevant evidence to support a compensation claim as soon as possible. If witnesses were present, gather the details as they could be the difference between an unsuccessful and successful claim.

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