How to Prevent Accidents on the Road

As we all know, the road is a very dangerous place. Almost every one of us knows of someone
involved in a crash or accident and the consequences of such accidents can be tragic. Not only that
but causing a car accident, deliberately or not, can leave you liable to pay compensation and so
every step should be taken to prevent accidents on the road.

The first step is to always obey the laws of the road. They are there to protect you and other
drivers. The difference in consequences between hitting a child at 40mph and 30mph are well
documented and accidents are so often caused by drivers not obeying the laws. Shaving 5 minutes
of your travel time is not worth the risk you put yourself in and others by speeding or breaking the

Secondly, and probably the most important, is to never drink and drive. Even just a few drinks
dramatically decrease your reaction time and can be the difference between hitting the car in front
and stopping short. In addition, the consequences of being caught drink driving are great. You
could lose your license and even find yourself spending time in jail.

Always give the road your full and uninterrupted attention. This includes not talking on mobile
phones while driving, not eating or playing with the radio. Refrain from reaching into the glove box
or looking at maps as well and try not to let screaming children distract you!

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